Running ST locally, DIY control panel, and feasibility

Smartthings is not really the right controller for the kind of set up you describe. It is not possible to connect custom code or devices directly via Lan, so when the Internet goes out, you no longer have tablet access to the hub. It is certainly possible to do this, staples connect does, but it’s not the way the smartthings architecture works.

Similarly your Arduino concept just isn’t the way the smartthings architecture functions.

Smartthings keeps your account information in its cloud. While a few things are allowed to run locally if your Internet connection is out, this is pretty much limited to local lighting automations. Using the official SmartThings “smart lights” process. You can’t run your own code locally. All custom code at present has to run in the cloud.

There are other home automation controllers which may require Internet access to set up your account, but which you do allow you to run locally and which also allow lan connection directly to the hub. They all have various pluses and minuses, but I would think it would make sense to look at those for the kind of set up that you considering.

Depending on how technical you are, and it sounds like you’re very technical, you could look at open H-A-B and Homeseer. Vera is another possibility. None of those offer much Zigbee support, though, except for Philips Hues, although some the other users are adding the harmony hub and new extender so that they can include zigbee sensors. It’s not a full ZHA implementation, though.

The simplest, most plug-and-play option which gives you local processing is the Staples connect hub, but it does not allow for any custom code at all. And only supports a few devices. So it’s sort of a different category yet again. However, it does run reliably without requiring the Internet to be up, so it might fit some use cases.

SmartThings has said they intend to allow more custom local processing in the future, but no announce timelines. And they do not support UDP or UPNP connections to the hub at all. They pretty much assume all third-party connections will be through cloud to cloud Web services.

Many SmartThings customers do use wall mount tablet controllers, but they are all browser-based and go via the Internet.

I will add some links to other topics in the forums but it just doesn’t sound like a match for what you are looking for.

Developers topic on local processing:

Developer discussion of LAN connections:

Arduino project thread. This will give you an idea of how people do use Arduinos with SmartThings

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