Running Alexa Routines Post EchoSpeaks

Evening Folks,

Can anyone help me? I’m trying to think of a way to execute Alexa routines post switch off of the EchoSpeaks App.

At the moment I have a button on my bed that enables me to switch off the whole house with one click. I do this by using EchoSpeaks to run an Alexa Routine which controls each group in my house, Lounge, Garden, Garage etc. I have to use Alexa because not all my devices are ST compatible (Govee LED Strip Lights to name one).

Once EchoSpeaks dies I can’t see a way to run the routine - and before anyone says talk to Alexa, it’s there for the times I go to be and my wife is asleep or, so she can switch everything off without trying to remember the exact words, she never gets it right and then gets frustrated!!! The Joys of marriage eh!

Back to the subject at hand. I think I need to create a virtual switch, call it something like Everything Off and when I push the button it turns the switch On and that in turn runs the routine. But, how do I then get it to default to off again?

Could I simply set a simple webCoRE piston to, if switch is on wait 5 seconds and switch off? Would that work. Or even one of those new Automations in the new ST app?

I’m not very good at doing these things, most of the time I muddle through by reading stuff on here and the webCoRE community, but I can’t figure this one out.


Rich N

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There is an established method for doing this, and it’s worked fine for over a year, but it broke in April when they released the new Alexa skill. Engineering is aware of the problem and is working on it, so for now, we just have to be patient until it’s fixed. :thinking:

Here’s the method you will use once it is fixed. (The topic title is a clickable link)

And here’s the thread where you can track progress on the fix