Running a Schedule

Really new to this so bear with me. I’ve been looking for documentation on how to set up a schedule, most of the stuff on google seams out of date. I ended up stumbling into what I thought was it. In Rooms, I selected my room, then the device, then right swipped over to SmartApps. When I got there there were two SmartApps listed, on for setting a schedule and one of IFTTT. I went through and completed everything in the schedule telling it to do what I want. When I completed it and went back to the devices screen in the Smart Apps tab, it was gone. I then clicked on the IFTTT Smart App, browsed around a little and then exited it… Now both of those SmartApps are gone and I can no longer see a way to get back into them. I can’t even find the original schedule I thought I set up.

What am I missing?

Go to the Automations > Smart Apps to find all installed apps

All I see is the IFTTT SmartApp. There isn’t one for the scheudler

When I log into the web app, under MyHome location, Installed SmartApps, this is all I have:

Hello Home Update
Good Morning! Update
Good Night! Update
Goodbye! Update
Hub Offline Notification Update
I’m Back! Update
Low Battery Notification Update
Weather Station Update
Smart Home Monitor Update
Custom Update
IFTTT Update

This should help. :sunglasses:. (This is a clickable link)

ST / marketplace / most popular is smart lighting


Thank you for the link JDRoberts. I was able to add the Smart Lighting app back. I’m pretty sure that what happened was when going through the Smart Lighting app the first time, I rushed through it and clicked on “remove” thinking it was a “next”.

I’m all set. Thanks for the great support!