Running a piston once a day

I have a basic piston that is set to turn a light on when I arrive home after sunset on a Tuesday. I’d like this piston to run once only on a Tuesday, not everytime I arrive.

Can someone explain the best logic to use.

You can set it up similar to this, except reset the variable after midnight.

Couldn’t you do something like this? I don’t have a light so I substituted a smart plug I have named tv.

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I think this is the simplest and best example here. No need for variables or virtual switches. The control is already implemented.

But it doesn’t satisfy original posters request, Kevin’s piston would execute repeatedly if presence changed multiple times on Tuesday, unless I’m missing something?

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Good point. I read that as basically only on Tuesday but I think you are right what he is actually meaning is only once on a Tuesday.

Thanks everyone for the input. This is what I’ve set up;

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