Run time vid changes

I’m trying to implement a custom handler to a new dual channel relay module that can be configured as either light or curtain switch.

The configuration is done on the module itself.
The fingerprint is not affected by this change.
Further, the configuration (light/curtain) can be changed after zbjoin. In this case a specific catchall message is sent by the module.

My question is how it is possible to change look and feel of the device when receiving a change notification.
Basically, I need to change vid in runtime.

Thank you very much for your help

Not possible

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I don’t know what the state of play is with it (I’ve been waiting since day one for something far more basic with no apparent joy yet) but you can set the visibleCondition for attributes in the device config to make their display conditional on the value of any of the device attributes. Does that offer any possibilities?

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Thank you for your input.
However, I’m looking for a way to change look and feel of the presentation, based on device’s configuration.
The look of curtain module is quite different of one for light switch.
I guess it is possible to create a custom layout that contains items for both and then hide unused ones in run time, but it seems too much complicated and not sustainable.