Run through devices with webcore and alexa

(Qvae) #1

Is it possible to ask Alexa if any windows are open and it runs through all devices and responds with which windows are open using webcore? …or another smartapp?

(Nathan Curtis) #2

Ask Alexa can do this… Look at the reports functionality…

(Qvae) #3

Please tell me there is another way. There is too much involved in using ask Alexa, and I definitely don’t want to give my credit card info over (even if it’s not being charged) just to be able to use an app.

(Nathan Curtis) #4

Not at the present time and if there were you’re probably looking at a similar implementation. You need something that can read all your devices, compile a list, convert it into readable text then actually read it… Besides @MichaelS has gone to great lengths to update the install so it’s MUUUUUCH simpler now. It’s worth a shot.