Run Routines in Response to Home Monitor Security Response?

I use SmartThings Home Monitor SECURITY. If the system is ARMED and a door or window is opened it trigger the “response” where I can sound an alarm, record video, or turn on lights.

I want to run a routine when a SECURITY intrusion response occurs.

When I create a new routine under the IF section there is “Security Mode”. But this only shows Armed (away), Armed (stay), and Disarmed.

How do I create a routine IF to detect when the Security intrusion response occurs?

Thanks in advance

You can do it indirectly in 2 ways.

  1. create a Virtual Alarm and include it in the “Sound Sirens” section.

  2. Create a Virtual Light and include it in the “Turn on Lights” section.

Then you can use the Virtual Alarm or Virtual Light in the IF section of your routines.


@Zorrloft If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone you can do this through Bixby routines.