Rule Machine Version 1.9 Released

Ok, is visitor mode the only mode you want the autolock disabled in?

@Tolik ignore that question .

Ok, here’s a simple idea. See if this works for you.

In the actions for true list all of the modes you want the autolock featured disabled. That way it’s disabled in any mode that would make the rule false.

You can also do this as a manual enable/disable.
Create a virtual switch.
Create another rule like this

Conditions - VS on
Rule - VS on
True - enable autolock
False - disable autolock

Then add the VS to be turned off in the section of the original rule that disables the autolock. That gives you manual control for those unexpected times.


I was wondering if you got this working the way you want it to?

Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. Took a day off o do some yard work. It doesn’t help that today SHM doesn’t disarm and I can’t open my patio door without alarm going off :frowning2:

I’ll let you know when I test it. The other rule you helped with works perfectly. Made the wife happy to get a text that the door is open and “Welcome Home”. Thank you.

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Man I’m so bummed I’m still running 1.7.2 and now this app has been pulled, I’ll never get these changes.

Are the github links bad now? I tried pulling them up from the 1st post and it says page not found.

Yes they are. The app has been pulled due to to many issues with the Smart Things platform and lack of help from support to the developer.

No idea if will work for long but seems to be v1.9

Wow that was quick he deleted already.

Oh gosh. We are in deep doo doo.

Well looks like I’ll be switching to a new platform

Bruce -

Probably a massively stupid question and even easier fix… but somehow I have Rule and Rule Machine is my smart apps

How do I remove “rule”

Hi @rgreenpc,

First, no question is stupid. That’s one of the great things (no punn intended) of our Community - we’re always willing to help anyone. Bruce won’t necessarily see this post without tagging him like I did you in my reply, or you can quote something he posted. That will send him an alert.

As far as your question goes, you must have saved and published both, and that’s OK. Unfortunately, you’ll have to delete the app from your list of smartapps in the IDE and then re-create and re-save it without publishing it. If you’re currently using it, I highly recommend you don’t do that. If I remember correctly, there’s an option to remove the smartapp via the app itself on your phone. If you do that, you’ll also delete anything you created, and you’ll have to start over. After doing that, then delete the app from the IDE.

Make sure to save a copy of the code since the github source isn’t easily available anymore.

Yeah… figured that out… luckily I am on 1.9 and I am not going to mess with anything


What was the latest versions before the purge? I found the latest of the Rule Machine which I am seeing is

But what was the corresponding Rule.groovy? was there anything greater than 1.9.1e?


I wouldn’t try putting this together with anything, this is not distributable anyway. Please honor Bruce’s wishes.


agree 100%

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I am not trying to piece anything together. I am a long time rule machine follower and have used it for quite sometime. I just would like to get updated to the latest release before it was dropped. I don’t necessarily think it’s right that since I wasn’t logged in and had the opportunity to grab the latest code, I am just out of luck. I can understand being frustrated with a crappy company and just abandoning a development project altogether, plenty do, but to go the extra length to delete your code altogether and mess up the company and your community followers seems drastic. I am sure there is a point/game being played here to pressure ST in some way which is fine. Personally I think ST should have bought the code for Rule Machine, helped develop it and provide it as a default SmartApp, but that’s just my two cents.

Sorry to see a good app go. Just wishing the community of good people didn’t have to suffer as well in this feud.

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@kkniffin…you handled that better than I’m about to lol.

Why is it automatically assumed that if someone wants to be on the last known updated code that their intent is to distribute? Is there now Rule Machine Police? This is absurdly ridiculous…grown adults acting like the soup nazi!


I bet it’s safe to assume that anyone saying “I agree 100%” to not distributing the code has their soup already…ahhh, the privileged conveniently standing by the cause…it’s an uprising!..a revolt even!..those less fortunate suffer.

Yes…I meant suffer…as in I did not overstate. .

Don’t distribute?..what about in instances where it could help someone care for their child?..give solutions for those with disabilities? the elderly? the expense of the good that the app can do for others really worth whatever the (now) seemingly selfish reasoning is?

To be clear…I’ve honored this; however, it is doing no good for anyone. This is the very reason why I wanted to donate. When I asked if I could donate I was told to “pay it forward”; therefore, I will do so as empowered.

It’s not about developers (or any one of us)…and it’s not about arm wrestling SmartThings into doing what you (and may others) feel is right!

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@Drewbert34 Good points. I thought about it more after my post and ultimately in my opinion the only ones that suffer from this course of action are the community members. From what I have read online, ST doesn’t seem to care about Rule Machine since they don’t want to provide any development support for it and have ultimately frustrated the developer. So I don’t know if this is going to strong arm anything on the ST side. Unless there are things happening in the background that we are unaware of, pulling the code pretty much gives a big finger to the current community members and any future ST users, not really ST the company, which is very poor taste.

There seems to be nothing else out there comparable as far as SmartApps that provide the needed level of customize ability and now there are no opportunities for other developers to pick up the code and continue it if they want to. So pretty much if you invested your time in using Rule Machine, testing Rule Machine, or any other level of contribution or use, you ultimately end up having wasted your time. You can continue using it until it no longer works and then you get to start over. lucky us. :slight_smile: