Rule Machine Version 1.7 Released

Alright I’m completely lost on this one and I’ve tried every combination I can think of.


I need some logic for this one:

If the garage door is open for longer than 15 minutes then send me a text message every 15 minutes.

I continue to struggle to understand how to use this private Boolean… for some reason the private boolean goes false and then turns back to true. I end up getting a message every 15 minutes until I delete the rule.

I’ve tried using triggers with conditions and the delay feature with the private boolean. I’ve also tried using two rules… one that sends the false to the private boolean… etc.

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Uh… how is it possible no one replied by now? lol.

Read this post and the 4-5 posts after it. That will cover how to get it to send the reminder.

So I need @bravenel to work on my issue more than yours :slightly_smiling:

This works perfectly fine in my house. I don’t care for the SHM at all so I don’t rely on it even though it looks really cool.

I’ll try that again…

Can someone please give me some input on the problem I am having with custom commands? Thanks.

Where it says Select Capability for Test Device, click that one and select your device type.

If you have multiple devices under that device type, select the one that you want specifically when it shows up as Select xxxxxx to test for commands.

Then click on New Custom Command at the bottom.

The problem is that when I hit custom Command type it wants to create another on for the hallway look at post 313 there is a screenshot The flash command is for the Hallway light that flashes four times when an entry door is opened when the alarm is on…

It doesn’t seem like you’re clicking on another device to create commands for

I t continues to show Hallway so I am stuck I hope Bruce has the answer.

Can you post a screenshot immediately before you click on New Custom Command?

Here is the screenshots


Are you actually clicking on “new custom command”?

Our are you just overly concerned that it says hallway right above it?

Just ignore that hallway part and click on new custom command.

When you want to test a command, click on hallway and choose a different device.

OK I Tried that but it gives me commands for the Hallway switch, which is not what I need.

  1. After an alarm goes off turn the siren off after a preset time limit.

  2. Reset the SA to "away mode again so it waits for another alarm to rule out false alarms.

You have to de-select the Hallway switch, and select a different device.

I have deselected everything in Custom Commands, but I can’t find Hallway Switch. Do I have to delete custom commands?

From your screenshot above, you have to select a capability you want for the test device (not selected in your screenshot), then select the device of that capability to test. Then select New custom command.

No, you don’t need to delete custom commands.

I am looking for the siren but it does not show under capability.

Siren is not a capability. Try Actuator or Switch. Your siren would show up as a switch.

OK thanks found it now to figure out how to turn it off after a time and then reset alarm to away.