Rule Machine using rule with no trigger or condition

I’m using Rule Machine, and have a problem where my actions aren’t firing. I want to setup one rule where my actions are defined in one place, and I can use that rule anywhere else so that settings for a thermostat for example is only in one place… And I’m failing at getting this to work.

I have two rules with only actions defined, one for setting the heat for daytime temp and the other for setting the heat to nighttime temp. Both rules send a message when executed. To get those rule to register I initially assign them a condition. Without doing that step those two rules do not show up Select Actions->Evaluate Rules in any other rule I create.

Now I want a rule that at 5:45AM on a weekday the thermostat setting is to daytime temp. On that rule under Select Actions->Evaluate Rules I choose the rule with only actions. So at 5:45AM the first rule will execute and should execute the second rule with only actions. This does not work.

So To further test… I built out a test rig. Create a routine to turn on a momentary button. I then created a test rule to trigger on that momentary button fire. I set an action to text me when the button rule is triggered. that works… go to routines, press the test button, moments later get a text that the button was triggered. Now In that test rule I add evaluate rule and select my action only rule. First I can’t see that action only rule unless I set a condition in that rule and then it appears and I can select it.

As long as I leave a condition in my action only rule… when I press my test button, I get a text message from the button rule AND from the action only rule. I can then see the thermostat was set up or down.

When I remove the condition from my action only rule…and push the test button… I get the message from the button rule…but the action only rule is not fired.

I currently conclude a rule will not execute without a valid trigger or condition.

If I’m missing something please correct me. I can’t post screen shots as my phone has that feature locked out as I use it for work.

As for work arounds… I came up with this… Created a momentary virtual switch then trigger my action only rule off that momentary switch. Now when I want to set the thermostat, trigger that momentary switch. I’ve set that up and that works… phew

Rule Machine was not actually intended to be used this way. What’s happening is that your “rule”, now stripped of conditions, is false. So nothing happens when you force its evaluation from your other rule. To get this to work, just give the rule a condition that is always true, such as an indoor temperature < 99.