Rule Machine send text after freezer door open 5 minutes?

I’m guessing I shouldn’t use both at the same time, then.

The rule is: If the Garage Door is Open for more than 5 minutes, send a text. If the Garage Door is Closed during that time, do not send a text.

I believe the first option - Delay by X minutes [Cancel] - will be the best option, because of the cancel clause?

yes, that’s the best choice

I have the iPhone and when I go back into the Minutes, no other options are there.
I really need the Cancel truth option - any idea how to get this?


I also updated the rule machine version.
I was a little outdated but it is still not there…

It’s only available for a Rule, not a Trigger. In Actions for True (or for False), Delay These Actions, Minutes of Delay, then it will be there. You must have previously selected Conditions for the Rule.