Rule Machine send text after freezer door open 5 minutes?

I have the samsung Multipurpose sensor on my freezer door and there is an app that will send me a text after door has been left open 5 minutes. I can’t figure out how to do it in Rule Machine though.

Here is the rule:

Condition: freezer door open
Rule: freezer door open
Action for true: Delay 5 minutes send text, cancellable
Action for false: none

Thanks for the input! I think my issue might be the “cancelable” part.
No matter what, if I open the door, I get a text 5 minutes later that it was opened.
I don’t see anything to cancel that text being sent if it becomes false again.

I see something regarding turning on/off switches after a delay, pending cancellation

It’s in the very first action: Delay These Actions. Select the time and select Cancel.

The “Cancel on Truth change” setting is not there.
My Options are:
Minutes of Delay
Seconds of Delay
Milliseconds of delay

Looking at your screen saying “Rule” instead of “Rule Machine” makes me think I didn’t install “Rule” properly maybe…

Well, That wasn’t it.
Running Android version 1.6.6/1.6.13b Just don’t see anything for cancel on truth change.

Some times you have to add the time.
Go back to the previous menu
Then go back to where you entered the time
Most of the time a switch is available then.

At least this is the way it is for me on iOS.
I add the cancel on change To most all my Rule Machine entries

There is huge bug in the Android mobile app. What you have to do is select the number of minutes and hit Done. Then go back into that selection, and the Cancel button should be there. It’s supposed to show up as soon as you enter the minutes, but the Android bug affects this.

I have that exact “rule” , but don’t use rule machine. I used the something left open app and shm to send sms and push notifications if freezer door’s open longer than 5 minutes


That worked! I can’t believe I never went back in there. I should know better than that with the Android bug.

RLDreams I have that one too. Thanks! I’m just hoping I can use Rule Machine for everything for some reason. :slight_smile:

Agreed, I’ve got SLO monitoring a closet door that my wife/child keep forgetting to close… all… the… damned… time…

Now I just need to get it configured to set the LED color on an HSM200/EZMultiPli sensor to add a visual cue.

I wound up using 2 separate rules on Hues for alarms. 1 rule to set the color , then another to flash them. Water leak turns them on blue, then flashes. Intruder turns them red and then flashes. Freeze alert purple , etc.

Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I didn’t want to create a new one for a similar topic.

I’m working on a simple “door left open” push notification with Rule Machine.

I’ve set the conditions to be any of the doors open.

The rule to be any of the doors open.

Actions for true: delay by 5 minutes [cancel] push ‘Door open for 5 minutes.’

Unfortunately it pushes the notification even if the door closes within that 5 minute period.

Something I’m doing wrong?


mooch91: I’m having a similar problem with false positives. I suspect it’s a scheduling issue, ie; the door opens, it starts a timer to notify you in 5 minutes, let’s say it closes and re-opens again in quick succession… maybe the “cancel” code didn’t get correctly sync’d with the cloud in time and the next time it closes, it cancels the 2nd timer but the first timer is still ticking. I think it’s scheduling issues/delays with cloud servers because if you check the door itself in your smartthings mobile app, (if you’re like me,) you’ll see that under the “Recent” tab, it accurately shows the activity and time stamps that are correct of the door opening and closing. I’ll show a door opens at 3:51 PM, and closes at 3:51 PM, yet I still get the notification that it’s left open. This happens to me occasionally (1x per day on average)… our doors probably open and close 50x in a day throughout the entire house, so a small percentage of false positives. What’s odd is, sometimes the false positive will happen when activity is relatively low and there isn’t multiple doors opening or closing in quick succession. Last night I came home to an empty house, opened the 1 door to enter my house and closed it right behind me and sure enough, the only false positive of the day got pushed to my phone.

See this post:

I’m thinking of creating a new rule relationship in Rule Machine for the age old “Door Left Open” situation. One that checks if the doors are open, delays the actions by 3 minutes (with cancel set to true). At the end of the 3 minutes, instead of sending the notification, it turns on a virtual switch and calls another rule to evaluate.

That second rule checks if a door is open, and if the virtual switch is on and then immediately sends me a push notification if both those conditions are TRUE. If no door is open, it turns off the virtual switch and a false notification is avoided.

Maybe there is an easier way to have rule machine re-evaluate if the door is still in fact open at the end of the 3 minute delay instead of hoping against hope that the action will always be accurately and successfully cancelled… which relies heavily on ST Scheduling and syncing to the cloud which is spotty


Using Rule Machine is actually my third attempt at setting up this notification. I wanted to use Rule Machine to consolidate my notifications in to a single App.

I had initially set up a “Custom” monitor in Smart Home Monitor, but I got a number of false positives. On doors that hadn’t opened in days. Like you said, the logs always showed the doors closed, so I wasn’t sure what was generating the false positives.

I then switched to using the “Something Left Open” SmartApp in the “Energy Management” section. This app worked reliably, though it required four different “rules” be set up for my four doors.

Like I said, I switched to Rule Machine to consolidate. With Rule Machine I can create a single rule for all four doors and have it specify the name of the door (device) in the notification.

If I can’t get it to reliably work under Rule Machine, I will switch back to Something Left Open.

Yes, I got false positives in SHM as well which led me to Rule Machine. (Which I think is very powerful and I’m excited about the potential of converting a lot of my automation to Rule Machine). But these door left open false positives are annoying me so depending on how the conversation goes in this other thread (link at the bottom), I may have to follow suit and jump to “Something Left Open” for each of my 5 doors. Keep me posted with what you find out in your testing!

I went back to “Something Left Open” for now. I’m not getting the issues with the other apps and why this one seems to be more reliable (no false positives while I had it running).

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Quick question on this - what’s the difference between:

  • Delay by 10 minutes [Cancel]


  • Delay Rule Evaluation: [Rule name]: 10 minutes

Do they both work the same way?

Basically, yes. The major difference is that the second one allows some other actions to happen now, while it postpones the rule evaluation, whereas the first one delays everything.