Rule Machine - Run Days in Conditions or "More Options"?

Working on a couple of rules to control lights that run different times due to different work-day and off-day schedules. Although both rule instances start at the same time, on work days, they turn off earlier than on non-working days. My conditions currently contain only the start and stop time. True Actions turn lights on, etc. False Actions turn the same lights off, etc. I placed the days to run each rule in the More Options - “Only on Certain days of the week” rather than as part of the conditions.

My question: Does it make a difference where the days to run are placed - in the Conditions or in the More Options - “Only on Certain days of the week”? If it does, what’s the difference?

My guess is that placing the days to run in the More Options - “Only on Certain days of the week”, prevents the rule from even evaluating it’s truth on anything but those days. Placing it in the conditions lets the rule evaluate but returns a false on any day but those listed. My thinking is that this truth result may produce reults I wasn’t expecting??



Yes, 100% correct.

All conditions must evaluate True before the rule will do anything (in ‘Actions for True’).

And, rule truth must change state.

Thanks Bob! I think I’m starting to put the RM pieces together.

That one bit of logic is the most important thing that I heard you ‘say’ previously (and in your documentation too) that I have to keep remembering when I set up the rules. In other words, nothing happens without a truth state change. So simple, but important! BTW, thanks for a great tool!