Rule Machine install help into IDE

I’m getting an error when trying to create a smart app IDE using raw data, please see the error below.

startup failed: script14564194882181364357413.groovy: 101: expecting ‘}’, found ‘result’ @ line 101, column 54. " && child.label != appLabel) result << ^ 1 error

Hi Kevin,

Are you trying to install Rule Machine by pasting “From Code”? There are 2 SmartApps involved: Rule & Rule Machine.

If you have GitHub integration you can just go to “Settings” and connect to bravenel’s repo:

Then you will see the 2 Apps listed in the IDE:

Ok I’ll do it that way, I was trying not to create a Github account (Lazy😆).

With rule machine frequency of updates you will want to add the repo

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I am stupid when it comes to this stuff.
I now have Rule and rule machine showing in my smartapps in ide. (status says unpublished). What are my next steps? I went to marketplace-smartapps- and do not find “my apps” option or see anything related to rule machine.

Please disregard last post. I realized I did not click the publish button.