Rule Machine - Help on Switch to Disable Rule

I’m trying to use the Switch to Disable Rule feature in Rule Machine and am finding it a little confusing. I’d like the option of turning off or disabling a Rule when I am traveling. Looking at the Switch to Disable Rule feature, I’m expecting it to give me an on/off option. But instead it asks me to select the devices I want to affect.

I’m not understanding this since I’m already within the logic for a Rule which is assigned to a particular device. Why would I select a different device here?

This doesn’t seem to be intuitive, as least to me. Could someone help explain this feature?

Many thanks in advance.

Just create a virtual switch “RM disable”. You can then use that one virtual switch to disable all the rules you want.

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The Switch to Disable Rule option is used to select a device to control whether the Rule is active or not.

If you want something where you can just turn it on and off, set up a Virtual Switch and then use that Virtual Switch for this

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