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Looking for some peer assistance please. :slightly_smiling:

In two of our bedrooms we have GE dimmer switches. At night we use Gentle Wake Up in reverse to slowly dim the lights before bed. This means that when we wake up in the morning, when we go to tap the dimmer on, it reverts back to its last brightness, which is like 5%. So we have to hold the dimmer for a few seconds to get back up to 100%

It’s a few seconds, that I hate. Add those up and I’m losing an hour+ each year standing at my light switch! (A bit of laziness there, but I’m hoping RM can fix it)

Is there a way to to make it so when i hit the dimmer in the morning it ALWAYS goes to 100%?

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I’m about to install one of these and I would be interested in the answer to your question and how yours is set up to dim. If you could provide screen shots of RM that would be very helpful.

You can do this.

In rule machine, create an action.
Choose set dimmers by mode.
This way when you get up in the morning, whatever mode the house is in, you tap the dimmer is comes on and then ramps up to the level you want.

It works great for me.

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Peer Assistance Please

I have a motion sensor and light in bathroom. I want the light to gentle wake up when it senses motion between 5 and 6 but if the light switch is turned on manually then cancel the gentle wake up and turn on light to 100%

Using Mode in Conditions / Rules vs. as a Restriction.

If I want to be sure my lights cut off when I go from “Home” mode to “Goodnight” mode…should I make the “Home” mode part of the Conditions / Rules or only as a restriction…or both?

I believe I had a scheduler failure last night which caused my lights to stay on all night. This got me to thinking how I have built my rules.

My apologies if this has been asked before.

You can set up a rule that uses physical press for the switch and sets the dimmer to 100%.

You would also want to have that rule change the private Boolean off of your gentle wake up rule. Ensure you set the private Boolean in the wake up rule to disable the rule.

Not sure I follow you, can you provide an example

Not understanding how that would work as it is using modes and doesn’t do anything for physical button select on switch

Than create routine button name it what you like but don’t fill in anything else. Than create a trigger rule & for your trigger use the routine & name. Then fill in your actions.

I have a cat that is very nocturnal.

In order for my motion lights not to be triggered at night I include modes.

The question is…is there a difference between the mode being a stipulation of the rule vs. a restriction of the rule?

Do the use one ir the other or both?..and why?

If the mode is a condition then the rule will always be evaluated and the truthiness of the mode will determine behavior. If the mode is a restriction the rule will not be evaluated at all if you’re in that mode.

I usually just make the mode a condition and include it in the rule. Sometimes, though, I can’t do that because of the behavior I’m trying to achieve, so I use the restriction in those cases.


That is correct. You can also add a time restriction to the motion sensor.

Thanks so much! So what exactly happens here? Every time I go to turn these dimmers on during this set mode, it’ll dim up to the level I set? I assume I can then dim it after that to any level?

Yes, and yes. But if that dimmer is on, I’m pretty sure every time that rule is evaluated it will reset it.

One thing I’ve done is at the mode change routine I have it set my dimmer to the level I want, and then turn it off after a couple of seconds.

I remember reading something last week from @bravenel about a chance he made that fixed this… But I can’t remember what it was.

The change was to put off switch after set dimmer in the actions. So, you could try having both actions in the same rule and see what happens. It all depends on things like the cloud and the mesh, it may or may not end up with the light off.

I never found using a app to do this to be reliable. It should be done in the device handler.

I hear ya. But I don’t know Groovy. I DO know Rule Machine. :slightly_smiling:

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That’s what I remember reading about… Do you have a link to that thread? Cause I can’t find it.

Maybe this was addressed in this forum and I think you can do it through the evaluate rule tab, but it would be cool if you could create a rule based on events occurring within a sequence.

For example, when I enter the laundry room the light goes on and stays unless there has been no motion for 3 minutes. This is nice, but why when I could simply turn off the light when I trigger another motion detector say in the kitchen.

Could you conceivably create a rule that says:

  1. If laundry room light on and;
  2. No laundry room motion and;
  3. If kitchen motion triggered within 1 minute of laundry room motion (or light coming on) then;
  4. turn off laundry room light.

It seems the solution would be to use the evaluate rule part of Rule machine, but I would not necessarily know how to create this.

Alternatively this rule would be useful when entering the house and changing the mode.

For instance,

  1. If mode changes from away to daytime home and;
  2. Laundry room motion is triggered or living room motion is triggered then
  3. [insert action].

It can be done! With one rule for for Laundry room & one trigger set to rule truth for your kitchen.

Triggers are my crack I love them! And they do a lot for you :grin:

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