Rule Machine - Get peer assistance here with setting up rules

Perfect, your last sentence is what I was looking for

If only SHM is monitoring, I get Intrusion Detected and push, text notification
If only RM is monitoring, I only get push and/or text, no Dashboard alert.

So based on your example above re: “I use RM to set my mode and Alarm Status based on presence (and Arm(Stay) based on presence and bedroom door closing) and still get the Intrusion Detected messages.” I assume you are setting both RM and SHM

Thanks, Rick

Correct. I use both.
I have a keypad so I can disarm in the morning before I leave and it will auto-arm when my presence fob is gone.

Thanks Brian for the help


I wish! I’m still waiting for my hub to come back online since the outage. Smarthings reports all things are green but thats BD. Multiple people are still down, myself included.

Anyway thank you for the procedure. It will really help me out but time is of the essence in my case and this outage sucks.

I was wondering why you decided to do two rules if you mention you can do it in one. I don’t understand what you mean by smarthings issue.

It can be done with by feeding back on itself, essentially creating an infinite loop. But that is unstable by itself, and if you throw in the ST scheduler issues… Not a chance.

I’ve read @Rigging65’s post on creating a gradual dimmer using RM (here), and I get the gist. I have a couple of questions for the illuminati here about that:

  1. I assume that, rather than using a delayed on/off with a virtual switch, you could instead use the “Evaluate Rules after Delay” action and use a recursive reference to do the looping, yes?
  2. Has anybody figured out how to do this in the other direction (a la "“Gentle Wake Up”) with just one rule? I realize that it’s straightforward to do with two, but if it can be done with one, I would consider that a more elegant solution.

I was wondering if someone could help me. I successfully got my lamp to turn green when my garage door opens, however, I can’t get my actions for false to happen. Here is a screenshot:

When the garage door closes, the lamp stays on green. It’s supposed to reset to white and turn off.

the rule is ignoring my actions for false

I think you need a separate rule for “closing” to trigger the reciprocal action.

Go back into the rule and check everything to make sure the box is checked next to it. Sometimes the Android app will glitch and it shows your selections, but they affect actually checked.

I tried all of that. It’s funny because when I save the rule, the desired action takes effect if my garage door is closed. (RM fires the rule correctly when saving and my garage door is shut. It is recognizing that the rule is false when I save he rule.) but it won’t fire off my actions for false I close my garage door.

Hi Everyone - I am racking my brain trying to figure this out…not sure If I need two rules or can do it in one…

Scenario - When I let my dog out at night (Sunset to Sunrise), I want the spot lights to go on, then when I let her in, turn them off. I have a door sensor on the door that I’ll be using - So, I would like it to act like this:

Backdoor Contact Sensor = Open --> Lights come on
Backdoor Contact Sensor = Closed --> Lights stay on (Dog is still outside)
Backdoor Contact Sensor = Open --> Lights still on (Letting dog in)
Backdoor Contact Sensor = Closed --> Lights switch off

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi Mark.

I just set this up and tested it. It works great!


It will very easily get out of sync. Then you just have to open the door and close it again.

Conditions - backdoor open, lights off, lights on
rule - complex rule (backdoor open & lights off) OR (backdoor open & lights on)
actions for true - toggle light
actions for false - blank

Hi Jason,

Thank you - this will work…I was trying to get the lights to go off when I closed the door the second time, but this will work! I added the night condition - so the complex rule looks like this:

(Time Between Sunset and Sunrise AND (Back Door Open AND Spot Light Off) OR (Back Door Open AND Spot Lights On))


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David is correct rule machine needs actions & reactions. So if you have a rule to open & do something you will also need a rule to close & do something. And everything can be done in one rule or conditional trigger I hope this helps explain it.

I am struggling with what rule machine can do for a fairly cool lighting idea I have.

I need functions rather than rules because i want to create a “rule” which, when called, evaluates some conditions and then if true, proceeds. But i do not want the rule to evaluate just whenever those conditions change. Only when directed.

Scenario: i have 2 RGBW lights and i have them associated to my family room home theater.

I have a goal of using them in 2 modes, colors on or colors off. This means that when a virtual switch “colors” is on, rules which would change their color based on harmony activity (virtual switches for netflix, playstation, cable, dvd, music) are evaluated and change colors. And when “colors” is off, rules which change their temp based on time of day are evaluated.

I have LED strips on the back of my TV. They turn certain colors for certain harmony activities that are actuated. Red for Phillies game. Blue for Villanova basketball game.I created a rule that this only happens after certain time of day. Sunset. If there is no harm any activity running they turn off. My rule says four instance, if virtual button pushed for Villanova game(harmony activity), then trigger TV lights blue.only if time between 4 PM and 11 PM.

Looking for some peer assistance please. :slightly_smiling:

In two of our bedrooms we have GE dimmer switches. At night we use Gentle Wake Up in reverse to slowly dim the lights before bed. This means that when we wake up in the morning, when we go to tap the dimmer on, it reverts back to its last brightness, which is like 5%. So we have to hold the dimmer for a few seconds to get back up to 100%

It’s a few seconds, that I hate. Add those up and I’m losing an hour+ each year standing at my light switch! (A bit of laziness there, but I’m hoping RM can fix it)

Is there a way to to make it so when i hit the dimmer in the morning it ALWAYS goes to 100%?

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I’m about to install one of these and I would be interested in the answer to your question and how yours is set up to dim. If you could provide screen shots of RM that would be very helpful.

You can do this.

In rule machine, create an action.
Choose set dimmers by mode.
This way when you get up in the morning, whatever mode the house is in, you tap the dimmer is comes on and then ramps up to the level you want.

It works great for me.

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