Rule Machine - Get peer assistance here with setting up rules

I have been using RM since its early days and would like to expose it to another of my Locations. This Location is simply a geolocation with smartphone presence and a few virtual switches. Is there a way to expose my installation to another location?

I’ve decided that I am going to transition my concentration to CoRE. Rule Machine is unsupported and more users are starting to see problems and failures within that app. It is unfortunate, but it is a dying animal.

Once I fully learn the CoRE Machine i will gladly help anyone transition their Rule Machine scenarios to CoRE.


I do this same thing. Just switch to the virtual location in app. Then marketplace/myapps. Install. done

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[quote=“bamarayne, post:1074, topic:29577”]
I’ve decided that I am going to transition my concentration to CoRE.
[/quote]That’s all I need to know to do the same.

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What is CoRE?

Searched this thread and the forum, dont find that reference.

[quote=“simonselmer, post:1077, topic:29577”]
What is CoRE?

[/quote]CoRE and Piston Rules Engine, first design steps

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Thanks Greg, somehow I always seem to want to make things as hard as possible. I would be embarrassed to admit how much time I spent trying to get this done before I reached out. So, lets not tell anyone (hi everybody!). Works great. Thank you!

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I was purring along nicely with only 3 rules that I used to set modes. They used triggers and conditions (motion and time mostly) to set night mode, home mode and away mode. Of course these modes are critical to other things running correctly in my system. Then out of nowhere, Rule Machine stops running my night mode rule. I didn’t change a GD thing. Now, none of the rules work. I know you said you have transitioned away from RM. I’m wondering how far you got and if you have noticed or heard similar problems recently? My rules were fairly simple. I am curious if there was something that was updated in the last week or so that would cause this?

On a side note, I am about to try CoRE. How is it working for you?

Core quirks really good, once you figure out how to use it.

Yes, I’ve seen quite a few complaints about RM failing and I’ve experienced it as well. Just small little glitches really.

Try going into your rules and making sure that everything is still checked properly. Go all the way into the rule down to where you actually check the box frit the devices and conditions.

There was a problem with RM losing is state settings and that’s been coming up again. That may be your problem.

I tried that. I have done everything except remove and re-create the rule. I figure if I’m going to do that, CoRE here I come.
It just sucks. RM was great. Such potential. It would have been nice if the code was just made open source and allowed to be picked up instead of dropped like a dead cat. What a waste. I say this hoping my impatience will bite me and RM/Bruce will come back.
Thanks for the help Bamarane. I’ll see you over at the CoRE threads.

THAT… was a funny (intentional) typo


I went all in on CoRE about 2 weeks ago… and I’d say it’s been nearly flawless (app side… my logic, not so much)

Impressive considering the rate at which features are added and tweaked

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same here, @RVoodoo. Have a few pistons I need to split and a few more to figure out, but its packed with features!

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RM is still working good for me. Running about 40 rules.
I am waiting for CoRE to be solidified enough that there is little to no risk of loosing any Pistons. It was said there could be a chance that base changes could be made that would cause everyone to redo all their pistons. I have ask over on the other thread if that time has passed but so far nothing. I have tested CoRE on some of the most difficult things RM does and so far CoRE can do it all.

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In my bathroom I have a motion sensor and a dimmer. I have motion trigger the dimmer at 20% after 10 pm and turn off after 25 minutes if no motion. For some reason when I turn the light off it turns right back on and never turns off.

When was “periodic” trigger event added to Rule? I have 1.7.16 (28 Feb 2016) and it doesn’t seem to have periodic trigger event. I never got updated before the un-ravenel-ing but my versions are still apache licenced.

Is it time to move to Core? I have avoided reading much about Core so I don’t get excited and want to install it… but, that means I don’t know much about it. I have RM, it does what I want…but, that said I know at some point I will need to move something that will be updated as ST evolves. In addition, I am hoping for something fairly stable that I don’t have to keep updating the code. So, thoughts? Wait, or make the jump? Thanks

I stil have about 50 rule machine rules that r working fine for me. No reason to move everything to core yet imo. Core is still evolving.

Although I do have a few recreational rules in core for experimentation, I’m waiting until it’s settled in for 6+ months before I move critical rules over from RM.

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I agree with @eric182, if there is no need to move, don’t.

Play with it and experiment.

If you have to rebuild a rule our you start getting errors, I’d move it then. That’s what I’ve done.

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Thanks guys.