Rule Machine Feature Requests

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Just trying to redeem myself here… :wink:

The actual rule I will eventually be setting up is:

Time is between sunset +1h and sunrise -1h and NOT door closed THEN send message

(in case somethings trips the light sensor to re-open the door in the middle of the night) - not sure that would be possible as easily without the NOT

How about the ability to add two different “certain times” twice as a conditions. For example, have a light turn on between 7 AM and 11 AM, or have the light come on between 5 PM and 8 PM.

Rule: Motion sensor active
Time between 7 AM and 11 AM.
Time between 5 PM and 8 AM.

Actually, now that I think about it, I could achieve that with setting up a new mode just for one of those times. Your thoughts?

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I would like condition wth delay
House mode changes to away and garage door closes within 60 second then arm alarm

This is a platform limitation. No can do.

This is doable now with a number of different mechanisms. Try this topic for peer help:

I’d like to see a toggle command for garage doors. Use case: I’ve got an iris button attached to my bicycle that I’m using as a garage door opener/closer. Currently it requires a push to open and a hold to close. The button is sometimes a little wonky, so I’d prefer it just reverse the current state of the door if it gets a signal.


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rule machine
Conditional trigger

button press
Garage door closed

Open garage

Close garage

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Alright, that looks good for afar. I’ve got a couple other actions tweaked into mine right now, but I think it’ll still work. Thanks!

Bruce you were right, same as @bamarayne. I changed the device handler for your dimmer with reset and I changed the false condition like bamarayne. So far, it’s working good. I don’t know if the DH dimmer with reset is the best for the DZMX1.

PS I really like the new UI of RM!


That’s my standard dimmer, and I’ve used this with DZMX1 extensively. Works great.

So I’ve thought about my ‘wish list’, and I think a more modest feature request would be changing the behaviour of setColorTemperature(). Presently it will power on any bulb that isn’t on (at least for my Hue and LIFX bulbs). It would be awesome if it could ignore bulbs that are off. This would allow a few simple rules to control the color temperature of many bulbs for a given schedule (and allow the rule to be disabled with a virtual switch or mode for when custom colors etc are wanted). I would simply create a rule that becomes true when any given bulb is turned on and then have it setcolortemperature() to every bulb that is on. I doubt the bulb object has a property that allows it to retain color temperature information and use it to set the bulb to that color when it is turned on so my rule solution is the best I can think of. I’ve been enjoying RM–it handles all the automation in my house and soon my office as well.

Hey @bravenel,

Just thought of a fun idea. I don’t know how hard it would be to implement. But I noticed that when you have multiple devices specified for an action (ex, turn on these lights, and you have 10 lights), that it runs the action through the list in the order they are displayed.

An idea I just came up which would be to add an option to specify the time in between each device’s action is run. So, lets say I have a list of 10 lights, and I specify 200ms, then it would wait 200ms before turning on the next light in the list.

The reason I think this would be fun to have is because I’m going to be moving into a new house soon, and there’s about 9 or 10 hall way lights as you go up the stairs. I think it would be cool if I could set it up to turn them on in a specific direction. Now, when I actually move into the house, I may end up not using connected bulbs and I might just use dumb LED’s with a smart switch, but it still seems like a fun feature, and if it’s easy to implement, then why not.

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Would it be possible to have a condition or trigger that is changed from

So we have if mode is changed to X as a condition or trigger but would it be possible to have

If mode changes from X then

You can do this by putting all of your other modes as triggers and then using the restriction for which mode the rule runs in set to the mode you are wanting it to change from, but I do see what you’re asking for as it would make it quicker and easier to set up.

That’s wouldn’t always work. I have a rule that says if mode changes to home then open garage. I have 4 modes
Store run

The problem is when I wake in the morning and change from night to home it opens the garage. If I had change from I cld say if mode changes from away or store run then open garage.

You could add Store Run and Away into the Mode Restrictions for that rule.

Please explain more I’m a bit lost

Keltymd what are you trying to do could you explain further?

Hi @bravenel, there are two things with delays I would like to request:

  1. I’d find it useful to have a delay pending cancellation on more individual actions. Currently I think it’s just on switch on/off or all actions?

  2. When a delay is set on all the actions, then seconds and even milliseconds can be used. However when a delay is set on turning a switch on/off, the delay can only be minutes. It would be really useful to have seconds available here too.