Rule Machine Feature Requests

I will think about this. You’re right, a counter would be possible, maybe.


Thanks, Bruce.

Perhaps a smaller feature request I’d make, then, is (and, certainly subject to your own prioritization):

  • Could the Action Type “Send or speak a message” be expanded to offer the alternative or additional option of “Send an Event (displayed) to Activity Feed”?

Push Notifications are great and show up on the “Notifications / Messages View”, but these are little intrusive compared to the option of just the Activity Feed. (Hmmm… is there a way to write to Messages View without a push notification … dunno).

Do let me know if you are considering receiving features via GitHub Pull Requests or are just maintaining your own code. I definitely understand the latter preference.

Yes, I should take this on. It’s come up before. Not hard.

For now, Pull doesn’t work for me; some reasons described earlier. It’s a moving target. But, if you have some snippet for me to see, it does work for that. I’ve got to grow up first, but that hasn’t happened yet, and I can’t promise a date… :grinning:

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I did this a few days ago in keenect
sendNotificationEvent(“amusing nonsense here…”)
These will only display in the Notifications, Messages pane, where all the Routines play.


Would love to see a ‘Rule Store’ for Rule Machine like an App Store for ‘Pick your Device’! Said another way, similar to IFTTT recipes.

Sometimes it’s seeing others genius to expand what’s possible.

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We have the Show Your Rule Machine Automations thread, but it isn’t getting a ton of posts yet.


You could start that as a wiki topic on the ThingsThatAreSmart Wiki for Rule Machine.


Version 1.7.9 Released

This version adds setting another Rule’s Boolean variable and Notifications (without Push).

See this post:


Any support for these updated capabilities:

LOL! I just saw them myself.

RM does support Carbon Monoxide Detector. For the rest, we’ll see…

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@bravenel Hey Bruce would it be possible to add the Private Boolean state of a different rule as a condition for a rule? I love being able to set a boolean in a different rule, but it would sometimes be helpful to test the state of a different rule’s boolean as well.

Thanks for all your hard work on this.

Of course it’s possible. I’ll think about it. Pretty soon, you could build a neural net out of rules, sending signals to each other… Then your house could become TOO smart… :grinning:

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It will only ever get as smart as the person putting in the logic, so I think most of us are safe.


Ha… yeah… but there might be some “platform performance issues” that keep us from slipping down that slippery slope.

Thanks for considering it. The only reason I have virtual switches anymore are the spots where I need two or more rules to reference the same true/false state. If I could go direct to the private boolean, it would clean things up a bit.


Platform issues… I found a Viagra pull on my hub last night… The wife thought it might help.

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Why can’t you use Rule Truth as a Condition, and set things up so that you get the same outcome, in terms of logic and result? That other rule has to have some logic to set the Private Boolean, isn’t that the logic for the rule?

Also, you can have a rule that has no actions, just the Conditions and Rule. That rule is still evaluated as its conditions change, and still has rule truth. Its rule truth can be a condition in another rule – a reference to the logic of this rule, used in another rule.

If SmartThings stays up for more than four hours…

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I totally could do it with rule truth. It’s just a little more streamlined in my view to avoid additional rules and use the private Boolean where possible. We can already set the Boolean, so it seems like a natural extension to be able to get its state too.

There’s not a big difference between a separate rule and a virtual switch when it comes to housekeeping.

Anyway… Not a big deal. I’m able to do everything I need right now!

"Of course it’s possible. I’ll think about it. Pretty soon, you could build a neural net out of rules, sending signals to each other… Then your house could become TOO smart… :grinning: "

FYI: bravenel is French for skynet.

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Hi Bruce, I asked in the other thread, but it was moving fast due to the Android issues in the past couple days so I’m not sure you saw it.

Is it possible to modify the ‘set color for these bulbs’ action to maintain the current dimmer level when the color is changed? My hue bulbs always want to go to full brightness whenever I invoke a color change through rule machine.

Also, would it be possible to have an option for the color of the bulb (in the long list of regular colors) to be “the current color of the bulb”, which would then save the current state of the bulb as the color to change to?

In fact, if you captured the brightness of the bulb in addition to the color information, you could get away with not worrying about my first request.