Rule Machine Expert Features [deprecated]

Hey Bruce! Not sure if you saw my post in the Android speech thread… But thanks! Oh, and I was joking when I posted that. :smiley:

This is one of the super simple things to add, I couldn’t resist. I did see your post, and messed around getting Echo to speak, although the voice is disappointing. Then heck, why not…

This is great… I just deleted another app! I like to keep it simple and efficient.

But man is my list of rules getting huge!

I wish ST had a drag and drop format. Then we could set up our rules in categories…

-Kitchen lights
-Living room lights
Or just lights

That would be great… And so much more user friendly.Lol

You would think that with today’s technology, they could get a decent tts voice…

I’m not at home to test this out, but how do you get the echo to speak if its not available as a “speaker” to push to from within ST?

Follow this link and start at the top…
If you are going to use RM for voice you won’t need big talker, but you will need the rest of it.

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Thanks, I was under the initial impression that with the RM update, you didn’t need the rest of that stuff.

There is and it’s right here


That’s awesome, Mike. Hopefully you can whip up a device type to get Ivona working as a capability.speechSynthesis device for ST!!


It’s already been done by @uli , unfortunately it requires a custom intermediate proxy service to assemble the output streem into a complete mp3…
This is a system that st should implement for tts…

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No SH*T.

I have very few apps left most are for 3rd party connections, what little I do have left it is because I am too busy building NEW functionality with rule machine to focus on collapsing the little one off apps I do have left.

BUT… now I am scared if something happens bad to rule machine, like i accidentally remove it or for whatever reason I need to rebuild all my rules I am going to be royally f’d since there is so much logic and time in it.

This would be really interesting, using dynamic input.

I am currently using the Aeon Doorbell and pre-recorded announcements I make on to alert me to specific events that ST can trigger on using Rule Machine.

This is an excellent point. I went through this not too long ago when I had a dozen rules and twenty triggers. For whatever reason in the development I had to blow it all off and redo it. Mind you, this is my and my wife’s home, and she doesn’t particularly like me using it as a development testbed.

So I went through the IDE list of apps, and hand wrote a bunch of notes on what I had. Most rules are very simple in my setup. Everything is there in the IDE. What we need is a tool to walk the IDE list of rules, and build a summary to print out, or refer to. Unfortunately, there is no way to “save” the rules or to “restore”.


OK then, if there is no way to backup and restore rules (Yet) one would be irrational to use RM for anything complex enough that you couldn’t re-create all your rules in a few minutes.

That is a massive limitation on its usefulness and by extension, of the whole ST ecoverse.

Would you use a computer that couldn’t be backed up for anything more important than gaming or casual browsing?

I’m thinking that RM ought to be able to walk the menus that create the rules and trigger a series of screenshots, if nothing else.

Imagine if ST “crashed” and your setup was lost, and you had to start from scratch with no notes. How long would that take you? For me the answer is on the order of 10 hours of effort to rebuild from scratch, my guesstimate.

It isn’t like backing up a computer at all. Recovering a single lost document could represent a huge loss compared to 10 hours of rebuilding.

No such capability exists in SmartThings. But you could write a web-walker to do it from the IDE pages.

LOL, actually there is a way, I just thought of it in the wee hours of this morning, it should be possible to completely export and then restore a given rule, or any app for that matter with the correct hooks.
Stay tuned…


For me, right now, maybe 20 minutes, but wait a year when I’ve forgotten how all this stuff works because I haven’t messed with it for a while, and given a lack of any documentation for anything, it might be easier to buy new stuff. Meanwhile, I won’t be making many rules or any complex rules using RM.

Either ST is a hobbyist’s toy, or it is ready for serious use (partially due to RM); at the moment, it is missing so many things, and requires so much fooling around with completely undocumented software, that it is still in the former category. IMHO, ST is not yet ready for widespread consumer use.

not for nothing, but you’re expecting a couple of community hacks to develop and provide functionality that ST doesn’t even provide for their native apps?

Sorry, but this thread isn’t the rag on ST thread, there’s plenty of those already.


I’d expect ST to work it out, if anyone does - they are the ones with a large financial stake in ST success. Not ragging on anyone, just disappointed and surprised that ST isn’t more complete.

Rule Machine Update Required

Please update Rule Machine and Rule from Github for proper functioning of Expert Features.

Rule Machine github: Save and Publish for me.

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