Rule Machine Expert Features [deprecated]

Rule Machine: 1.6.3b
Rule: 1.6.4d

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Well no harm actually, now you just to be sure that you publish both rule and rule machine in the future. Once rule is published, it cannot be un done without deleting the whole thing and starting over. That’s an ST feature…
Don’t feel bad, I did this too!

I’m not certain, but I think you will have to publish each time you update it.

ok - I’ll do that!

Thanks for your help

Glad it’s working now!

We’ve extended Rule Machine to support multiple custom commands per rule.
This allows a rule action to process multiple separate commands within the same action.
Prior to this update Rule could only process one custom command per action.

If you currently have any custom commands configured, the existing commands will need to be refreshed in order to work after the update.

To refresh an existing command, tap any “Select Actions sections” containing your custom commands.
Actions that contain a custom command are preceded with the word “Command:”
Scroll to the bottom and tap “Run custom device command(s)”.
Your existing command should appear in command slot number 1
Tap done, the command should now appear in “Run custom device command(s)”
Tape done again, and done to finish.
Your existing custom command is now refreshed and should function as expected.

To add an additional command to an action:
Within the action, select “Run custom device command(s)”, then select your devices and command in the next available slot. This works the same way as the conditions section in Rule.

To remove a command from an action:
Commands must be removed in reverse order, IE 3, 2 then 1.
To remove a command, deselect any devices from the Custom Devices list.
If you have two custom commands configured and you want to remove the first one, copy #2 into #1’s slot, then delete 2.

This feature requires Rule Machine 1.6.4 and Rule 1.6.6 or later
Rule Machine

Probably my lack of expertise, but I want to create an expert rule to tell my Sonos to play “Welcome Home Justin”. I select PlayTextandRestore then ‘String’ then I enter Welcome Home Justin and when I go to test, I receive this error.

What am I doing wrong?

You’re not doing anything wrong.
TTS is broken for new commands, this is the error that’s returned when TTS fails to convert the text to an MP3

So I can create an mp3 and get the job done?

sure can, then you would use one of the playTrack methods.
They only accept external URL’s, so the URL needs to be available on the internet someplace.

I just released Rule 1.6.7 that supports speechSynthesis. You can have it speak a message, in addition to push and SMS.

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Hey Bruce! Not sure if you saw my post in the Android speech thread… But thanks! Oh, and I was joking when I posted that. :smiley:

This is one of the super simple things to add, I couldn’t resist. I did see your post, and messed around getting Echo to speak, although the voice is disappointing. Then heck, why not…

This is great… I just deleted another app! I like to keep it simple and efficient.

But man is my list of rules getting huge!

I wish ST had a drag and drop format. Then we could set up our rules in categories…

-Kitchen lights
-Living room lights
Or just lights

That would be great… And so much more user friendly.Lol

You would think that with today’s technology, they could get a decent tts voice…

I’m not at home to test this out, but how do you get the echo to speak if its not available as a “speaker” to push to from within ST?

Follow this link and start at the top…
If you are going to use RM for voice you won’t need big talker, but you will need the rest of it.

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Thanks, I was under the initial impression that with the RM update, you didn’t need the rest of that stuff.

There is and it’s right here


That’s awesome, Mike. Hopefully you can whip up a device type to get Ivona working as a capability.speechSynthesis device for ST!!