Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

Probably because the trigger event itself is firing more than once. You could build a rule to catch only the first, but that would be tricky. You have to look at the logs to see what’s causing it. The only reason a trigger runs is from an event, so multiple on events will trigger the trigger multiple times.

What are you using as a trigger?

I don’t think that’s it. The number of duplicates is not consistent, and I see the trigger is firing once…

cb17df53-43e3-474b-b8cb-f31e6bb7ad89 5:52:02 PM: info Entry Door Triggered
cb17df53-43e3-474b-b8cb-f31e6bb7ad89 5:52:00 PM: info Entry Door: Front Door contact open

This should have fired the rule once, I presume. But it executed pieces 2-3 times.

9379a3a2-8b16-4bf4-96a3-53b451ec3f33 5:52:03 PM: info Sending command &PHOTO=BACK&STSHRINK=TRUE&@DONE@ to
9379a3a2-8b16-4bf4-96a3-53b451ec3f33 5:52:03 PM: debug Executing 'take’
9379a3a2-8b16-4bf4-96a3-53b451ec3f33 5:52:03 PM: info Sending command &PHOTO=BACK&STSHRINK=TRUE&@DONE@ to
9379a3a2-8b16-4bf4-96a3-53b451ec3f33 5:52:03 PM: debug Executing 'take’
9379a3a2-8b16-4bf4-96a3-53b451ec3f33 5:52:02 PM: info Sending command &RETRIEVE=FIRST&STSHRINK=TRUE&@DONE@ to
9379a3a2-8b16-4bf4-96a3-53b451ec3f33 5:52:02 PM: info Requesting image from camera FIRST
9379a3a2-8b16-4bf4-96a3-53b451ec3f33 5:52:01 PM: info Sending command &SPEAK=@#ALARM=CHIME&@DONE@ to
9379a3a2-8b16-4bf4-96a3-53b451ec3f33 5:52:01 PM: info Command request: &SPEAK=@#ALARM=CHIME&@DONE@
9379a3a2-8b16-4bf4-96a3-53b451ec3f33 5:52:01 PM: debug Executing 'speak’
9379a3a2-8b16-4bf4-96a3-53b451ec3f33 5:52:01 PM: info Sending command &PHOTO=BACK&STSHRINK=TRUE&@DONE@ to
9379a3a2-8b16-4bf4-96a3-53b451ec3f33 5:52:01 PM: debug Executing ‘take’

Rule Machine itself isn’t logging anything, so I’m in the dark there. Possibly it could be that the device handler can’t handle three commands sent in quick succession; we have a camera, a custom and a speak command all going to it.

Based on these logs, Rule Machine fired the action once. Everything after that, I don’t know.

What I am trying to accomplish is finding an alternative to the app watchdog. That app is supposed to watch timed events and when it detects one that failed it refreshes the device, in this case the weather tile to get it going again.

So what I guess I am looking for is a trigger that verify the timer and give it a goose to get it going again. . I will leave the decision up to you because this may be outside the idea of rule machine. Most of my problems revolve around failed timed events and I am looking for a workaround solution because I don’t think the engineers at smartthings will ever fix it.

I’ve had similar problems. Yesterday, sunset was at 5:31. ST sunset failed, gee, wonder why? I responded by adding a sunset plus 7 minutes trigger that does the same actions. Now I just have to watch and see what happens. Harmless for my use of turning on some lights and changing the mode from Day to Evening. Wish it weren’t so, but you do what you have to do.

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It drives me nuts because timed events are supposed to be the most basic of all. Heck, my 20 year old X10 did that very well.

I had an odd one a minute ago.

I was going in and setting up my rules to speak messages (so I can condense everything back to RM) and one of my rules would not let me flip the switch over to Speak Message (nor would it work for the Send Push Notification or Include Device Name options on that same page). Other rules were working fine and allowed me to edit them.

As soon as I flipped the switch to On, it switched right back to Off. If I put text in for the custom message, as soon as it updated, it was gone.

This was on both iOS and Android.

I resolved it by deleting that specific rule and re-creating it. The rule itself was working (bedroom door opening setting mode to Home, if Night Mode was active)

This may be the same thing I’m looking for. I created backup triggers to some of my rules but yesterday even the backup failed. Only the time based one is failing though, I’d be so happy when that gets fixed, if ever.

It’s come to the point I was eyeballing an analog timer that has 15 minute increments to use as trigger to force a reevaluation to my important rules.

I got around this error on android by installing the rule machine app and not creating a single rule before hitting done. Don’t select create a rule. That worked for me.

I’m having some real issues with motion lighting.

I’ve got a rule as follows:

When Kitchen Motion goes active, and the Living Room light is on, turn on 3x Hue bulbs
Turn off the lights, pending cancellation, three minutes later.

My lights keep going off when there’s someone in the kitchen which is a bit annoying. It seems to be when they happen to be stood still exactly 3 minutes after the lights were turned on - how does that rule work?

Is it sense motion - go to sleep for 3 minutes - check for motion, turn off if nothing?
Or does it constantly check for motion in the three minutes between the initial motion and the end of the timer?

Edit: OK, happened again and here’s the activity
Lights were already on to start with
6.20pm Kitchen Detected Motion
6.20pm Kitchen Motion (this is the name of my rule and appeared three times, for three bulbs)
6.23pm Kitchen Motion
6.23pm Kitchen Hue #1 switch is off
6.23pm Kitchen Motion
6.23pm Kitchen Hue #2 switch is off
6.23pm Kitchen Motion
6.23pm Kitchen Hue #3 switch is off
6.23pm Kitchen Motion has stopped

So because the motion stopped exactly three minutes after the initial motion, the lights turn off immediately. Is there a way to improve this so it turns off three minutes after the last motion?

You have something messed up, because it shouldn’t turn off until 3 minutes after motion stops, not after motions starts. Perhaps you should post screenshots. Just based on what you wrote, the turn off pending should be an action for false, but it sounds like maybe you made it an action for true?

Condition: motion active
Rule: motion active
Action for true: turn on light
Action for false: delayed turn off light 3 minutes, with cancel

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Indeed I did.
I don’t really know what I was thinking because yeah, they both trigger. Makes much more sense hearing someone else explaining my own rule back to me…

I shall wait the allotted time since upsetting my wife when the lights kept turning off when she was cooking dinner, and try again. If she sees me messing with the motion sensor right now, she’s going to stick it somewhere it’ll never trigger anything again.

Thanks Bruce! If there’s more issues, I’ll post screenshots but I suspect you’ve nailed it.


Thank you Bruce @bravenel

not sure if thats been said enough yet…wait…yup…hasnt been said enough and never will


Dangit… I’ve been using Rule Machine just fine for weeks, upgrading the code each time it’s released. Though I hadn’t tried to add a new rule in a long time. I tried today, and kept getting the ‘unexpected’ error. This is with:

Rule Machine: Version 1.6.5 1 Jan 2016
Rule: Version 1.6.8d 4 Jan 2016
Android app: Version 2.0.7 build 202276

So I tried to remove the entire Rule Machine using the in-app mechanism. Now I still can’t re-create any rules. Same unauthorized error.

Wondering if this is even related to your SmartApp – or the ST ecosystem in general. I can’t find any log entries when this error occurs. Meh.

This appears to be ST related. When you reinstall RM, it seems to help on Android if the very first thing you do is hit Done. Then you can open RM again and attempt to make a rule. Someone reported that this works.


Funny, hitting Done pops up with the green success banner, then after it jumps back to ST main menu, I get the red banner. From merely opening the RM app, I get the same red banner. Yay. :slight_smile:

Though, despite all the damn errors, at least now I can get far enough to create rules. That appears to have worked in this case as well. Thanks!

Ya, those red banners pop up all over now, for no reason, and don’t reflect any app errors. Good to hear that clicking Done got you going.

Just started using Rule Machine, would anybody have a suggestion on how to setup the following?
I’d like to setup a rule that monitors the state of an open/close sensor(A). When this sensor(A) changes from CLOSED to OPEN I want it to keep outlet(G) ON while in the OPEN state. But when this sensor(A) returns to a CLOSED state I want it to shut OFF outlet(G) after a 5 minute delay.

That’s very easy. One question, though: what should happen if during the 5 minutes the contact sensor opens again?

Condition: contact-open
Rule: contact-open
Action for true: turn-on outlet
Action for false: delayed turn-off outlet (possibly with cancel, depending on your answer above)