Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

Will you post a screen shot of your rules and exactly what you are wanting to do? I might be able to help you.

Wow I guess setting up my virtual garage door did make this a lot easier!! It works perfect and makes a lot more sense now. Thanks a ton!!!

Here is my rule that is giving me false positives.

I don’t think the amount of time should matter, other than the 10 minute window maybe gives you more chances to cancel but only if the door is re-opened and closed within that 10 minute window? I think it’s possible to (almost) entirely eliminate any chance of a false positive if we can somehow configure rule machine to re-evaluate the condition after the delay timer. The only false positive potential would be if the timer is erroneously ticking down for X minutes, and when it expires, if the door was somehow coincidentally ajar at the exact second the timer expired. I can live with those odds. It would be better than 1-2x per day getting a false positive.

In the rule you show, add an action to evaluate another rule, and add setting that other rule’s Boolean to true (it needs to be set to false somewhere also). That rule would be identical to this one, except for an additional condition and the action it takes. The extra condition would be private Boolean true. It might be possible to use one rule, but it’s easier to think about as two.

First rule runs when one of the doors is opened, and delays for 3 minutes before setting the second rule’s Boolean to true and running the second rule. The second rule looks at the same conditions again, now that its Boolean is true, and does whatever you wanted.

I have a rule doing the same thing but I dont think its the rule I think its the sensor. If my Electronics door is opened I always get a notification after 5 minutes even if the sensor shows closed but another with the same rule does not do it. The SmartSense sensor is on the Electronics Door and always notifies.

Great! How does this look:

(By the way, this app is simply amazing.)

I would say having multiple doors on one rule could throw false positives since one could open then another etc.

Yeah in SHM it was multiple doors and I got false positives as well… in another thread @mooch91 said he didn’t get false positives with the built-in “Something Left Open” app under Energy Management (which will only work with 1 sensor at a time so you need multiple copies of the app)… and he too had false positives with SHM and Rule Machine using the multiple doors in 1 rule method. But alas, I tried making the exact rule above that I posted with just one door and sure enough, false positives would happen regularly (about 1x per day)

Personally I wouldn’t use a multi sensor as door contact. With the vibration and acceleration built in there’s just too much that can go wrong.
that could be your problem.

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The vibration and acceleration are not part of the contact trigger though are they? So how would they interfere? All my doors have ST multi’s, four of my windows have the Iris contact sensors. Figured the multi is more flexible exactly for the fact that it has vibration and acceleration. I could set them up for a secondary trigger if someone stuck a magnet between the door and jam to fake it out.

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Version 1.8 Released

New features, code cleanup, bug fixes…

See this post:

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Version 1.8.1 Released

Added NOT operator for rules.

See this post:


Oh this opens up a whole new world of insanity for me! Thanks Bruce!

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Was wondering and this is no pressing request. On the enable/disable Boolean function is there a way to see what the private Boolean is set to without making it part of the conditions.

Unless the private Boolean has been changed then the PB defaults to true.

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No I have a rule that is disabled when the Boolean changes. I was wondering if there is a way to see what state the Boolean is in. I know it starts off true. That is not what I asked. I asked if there is a way to have when on the enable/disable restriction shows the current state.

Go into the rule. It will show you in the conditions if you have the private Boolean selected.

I just snuck that feature in to Version 1.8.2a.

See this post:


Version 1.8.3 Released

This is a technical release needed to cleanup the interface between Rule and Rule Machine. Both Rule and Rule Machine should be updated.

Rule Machine github: Save and Publish for me.

Rule github: Save and Publish for me.

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I don’t know if this question was asked in the 3000+ posts. I have a simple rule for my path lights. It does not have a trigger. The condition is between sunset and 11:00 P.M. If true turn on path lights. If false turn off patch lights. The path lights come on at sunset 100% of the time. They do not shut off at 11:00 P.M. I have to remove the rule and re-create it. Then it will work for a day or two then stop working again. Anyone have a similar problem and a resolution?