Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

New version released: 1.7.14

Adds the ability to adjust thermostat setpoints. See this post:


I have hopefully a simple question. I have a rule that notifies me if my fish tank auto fill water level gets low. The rules works great except it tends to fire off multiple times as the level is just below the sensor the pump makes the water move and it hiccups. Is there a way to have a rule only run once when triggered for that day and then reset itself?

Sure. Use Private Boolean being true as an additional Condition. Then, in your actions add Set Private Boolean to false.

So that means it will only run once. But we want it to run once a day, so we need a Trigger to reset that Private Boolean every day, like this:

Trigger Event: Certain Time 2.48 AM
Action: Set Private Boolean of other rule to true

This actually makes me think I should add the ability to Set Private Boolean after a Delay. With that feature, you wouldn’t need the separate Trigger to reset it. You could simply reset it much later, or however much later makes sense. Stay tuned…


@Simon_Goldberger thanks for coming back to me, appreciate it. That’s an interesting scenario (for the girlfriend angel, you could ask her to send you a text when she collects the post :slight_smile: )

As a thought, though, whilst I haven’t investigated it myself, but briefly saw reference to it, perhaps levering the Letter Box cover in lieu of a Garage Door may be of some assistance?

@diehllane, thanks for your comments. Your suggestion is has help me narrow down my investigation, which I think now lies on the fact my sensor is cushioned too much by sticky tape used. DIY store come the weekend :slightly_smiling:

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@bravenel I just want to say, many thanks for this application. I’ve seen it said many times above but with this Application it truly highlights IOT capabilities and very much brings to life ST.

The time and energy you have invested and continuously investing and keeping up with our queries is truly a testament of endurance to yourself, very similar to Mr. Alan Turning himself.

My hat goes off to your sir. Really appreciate the work and your willingness to share it.


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I have a question. I have created a lot of rules and use Rule Machine whenever I can. My wife got a replacement cellphone and I am unable to remove her old one because SmartThings thinks it is used in 2 Rule Machine rules. Looking in the app, I can’t see the device used in the rules, but when I look at the rules, the device is listed in the rules under “tdev2”. Is there anyway to remove the device from the rule without deleting and recreating the rules?

Maybe what happened is that at some point you had included her phone in a trigger, and then changed it. Just remove that rule, and then re-create it.

Unfortunately, SmartThings never actually erases an input you make. So in Rule Machine, when you change something, old inputs can stick around.

These are big rules, i was hoping to not have to recreate them. Oh well, thanks for the reply.

You could go into one to where her phone used to be selected, and put your’s in instead. That might clear it out.

I actually went ahead and implemented this. You can get it from Github, version 1.7.14c, the latest for Rule.

Now what you can do is simple delay the resetting of Private Boolean from within the rule to however much later it is that you’re willing for it to fire again.

Here is the documentation for how this works:

Set Private Boolean

This action sets the Rule’s Private Boolean variable to true or false, or the Private Boolean variable of another Rule to true or false. There is an option to delay this. If the action is to set the rule’s own Private Boolean, and it is delayed, the delayed action is treated like an event, causing rule evaluation or a trigger event. Setting a Private Boolean of another rule is treated as an event by that rule. Setting a rule’s own Private Boolean is not an event unless it is delayed.


thanks will play with tonight and let you know if I have any issues/questions

Mine is already in the rules as well. I tried switching her replacement and the old one, but that didn’t work either. Thanks for the suggestion.

Sorry for asking, I’ve read though this link many times. I am trying to get the latest version of rule machine, but I keep getting this:

Then this:

This frustrating. What am I doing wrong?

uncheck these they are not handlers or programs they are image files so the IDE doesnt know them.

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if you dont see this you are up to date

Click on this next to rule and rule machine

and then set this

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Ok so I clicked on those things.

It turned the words blue:

And then when I go into the smarttings app, it’s still showing version 1.6.6/1.6.12

blue means you have changed something it could be a space even.

Click on the Blue magnifying glass.
That will Compare Versions between your Local Version and the repository one.

Then click on Overwrite Local Version in the top right. See if that works.