Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

FYI - after updating from 1.104, I had to open each rule and go into the define capability screen for them to update to the new capability view before they would work

I believe those are Energy meters, not Power meters.

Not surprising, considering we jerked out the input for telling the app how many conditions you have. Now it just turns them out one after another until you’re done. I gave up on that feature when I first started writing Rule, because I wanted to get on with it, not fight one feature. @Mike_Maxwell to the rescue. He saw the app, and right away volunteered to fix that. Fixing it turned out be trickier than we thought, until we both found the current solution, which was actually very little change. It felt way too much like Fortran before … :grinning:


No more than my proposed solution for canceling timers, which I thought felt like the hackiest thing I’d ever written - your final version is much cleaner. :smile:

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No, I can’t say I was super surprised, just wanted to warn others that they need to check that after updating past that version.

I hesitate to, but I will share a hack to add a delay to actions on locks.

I haven’t tested yet, but this purportedly allows you to create a simulated switch linked to a lock. You can then presumably use that switch as a an action with a delay with Bruce’s monster.

This does not solve delay actions for: Modes, Routines, Messages, Dimmers, etc.

I may be on to a simple solution for a general delay mechanism, that would work for any action. The only question I have is this: What should happen if the rule state changes in the interim of the delay? My thought is that in that case nothing happens. The delayed action would only happen if the rule was in the same state after the delay that it was at the beginning. ???


great job!. what are the ranges for dimmer levels?

0 to 100 … …

As far as I know, 100 = 99, the physical device is 0 to 99.

And the range is enforced in the app.

I… I… I think so???

Sure. I can’t think of a scenario where one would want to move forward with execution when the state of things changed back… so, i think this is going to be the common requirement. But leave it to the US to demand the option to have it a variable setting.

My vote is that the default behavior is that the condition must remain True until the countdown timer stops for the action to happen. True/False before the timer was finished would then result in no action. True/False/True is then just a new countdown from the last True start time.

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This is what I think as well. And, better yet, I have it implemented that way. Testing it now…

I tried them both, and each time, when I step through the conditions, select capability (Energy meter) and then I go to select my energy meters, I get a “No Available Options” message. I have several Aeon Smart Energy outlets and one new Samsung Smartpower Outlet but none of those show up to select.

I evidently broke something. Not sure what at the moment, but I’ll find it and get it fixed shortly! Sorry…

First… Thank you @bravenel for the awesome app… this should be the baked in the firmware so we can get local execution. Hope ST get this onboard.

Secondly, can this be incorporated with Sonos Notification (TTS whenever they get that fixed). Or can this call the sonos notify smartapp?

Also, this deserve a paypal donation link.

OK, it’s fixed. Version 1.108.

Also, for everyone else, this version has a general delay capability. Check it out.


Looks really great, thanks for the work @bravenel.

I’d like to give it a shot with my lights because the Smart Lighting SmartApp is failing me regularly, but I really need a “specific time” option. I turn on my lights at Sunset -30min, so that part is totally fine with Rule Machine. But I turn my lights off at a specific time (not Sunrise). That functionality would seal the deal for me.

You can set up a second rule to evaluate your lights being on AND it being a certain time that will turn them off

By the way this is a really nice improvement!!!

I’ll go check that out, thanks!. Still would make more sense to just say Turn Off at x:xx.