Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

Guys for little things like this we really need to help out and let Bruce rest, or drink a beer. we arw relly expecting too much!


Who the heck is going to read 2433 posts here, and several hundred on other threads? Let alone reading the documentation, which we all hate doing. It should just work, shouldn’t it?


Anyone coming to the ST forum expecting things to just work is clearly delusional.


This is by FAR the best SmartApp currently available for ST, and likely will be for some time. Thank you @bravenel for all the time (development, support, fixes, workarounds, and suggestions). Can’t imagine what ST would be like without RM.


ver is the version of the child app, Rule, that you’re seeing under Rule Machine, and that is consistent with what you see at the bottom of the main page of Rule Machine (1.7.0/1.7.2d).

Something you probably don’t know: That version number is updated upon hitting Done in any Rule, and not before then (a Rule has to tell the parent what version it is, as the parent has no other way to tell). So if you do an update in your IDE, and then go look at Rule Machine, it will not show you the updated version number until you have either created a Rule and hit Done, or gone into an existing Rule and hit Done.

Edited to add, actually, hitting back after going into a Rule will update the version number, you don’t have to hit Done. Or you can Create New Rule, and hit back, that does it too.

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Amen!!! Let Bruce relax a bit instead of having to answer the same questions over and over…

On a different note I think it would be awesome if people would actually start sharing there advanced rules/triggers/actions on the Show your Rule Machine Automations topic Show your Rule Machine automations

There are so many things that you can do with this app. It’s just hard to imagine them.
It would be nice to see the advanced stuff people are doing without having to sift through 1000’s of posts of questions/comments

I certainly agree. @bamarayne has done some very imaginative things, worked out some amazing insights into how to get things to work reliably. My impression is that some people just “get it”, and are off to the races. They don’t tend to be the ones asking questions unless they hit a wall or a bug.

I have 72 rules, but they are pretty much all pedestrian and simple. Only a handful even have more than one condition. So I’m not much use in showing how to use RM for complex automations. Hey, I designed the machine, its up to someone else to program it. It is a generalized machine, so the sky’s the limit for what tricks it can be made to do.

My attempts to get other discussions going have had only limited success.


Lol… I’ve just been wanting to create a slowly fading light. I know i need a virtual dimmer I just need to figure out everything else :slightly_smiling:

A loop with a virtual momentary button device as a trigger, with a condition of the dimmer level being > 0, and action for true of dimming down by x, and delayed turn on of the momentary for y minutes; action for false turn off the light (in case dimmer level =0 doesn’t).

You don’t need a virtual dimmer.

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That worked great. 20char…

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Is there a way in Rule Machine to accomplish something like runEvery10Minutes(handlerMethod)?


I have a trigger that was working but has since stopped and I am trying to figure out why.

The triggers are set so that [Switch1, Switch2, Switch3] any physical on, [Switch1, Switch2, Switch3] any physical off.

Conditions [Motion Sensor 1, Motion Sensor 2, Motion Sensor 3] any active

True: Run Routine, At Home

Only when mode is: Bedtime

This has been working flawlessly for quite some time but has since stopped working. I am not sure if it is because of a rule machine code update or something with ST backend.

I watch the app and the light is off, and motion is active on at least one of those selected sensors. When I turn the switch on or off, nothing happens and the mode is obviously set to Bedtime.

Appreciate any help you can provide.

Yes. You need a virtual switch, a Momentary Button Tile. Then you use a trigger:

Trigger: button on
Conditions: your conditions
Actions for true: your actions, delayed on for button for 10 minutes
Actions for false: your actions,

That will loop every 10 minutes. Best to have a condition that will eventually fail, so that this eventually stops running. Also, per the documentation, do not attempt to do this for less than 1 minute.

Using Android. Latest Rule release brings up an additional useless screen after selecting a rule to edit from the main list… Or do I have something set wrong?

There was widespread confusion over rules vs triggers. Clearly, you have a rule.

This is my attempt to make users think for half a second what they are trying to do. Useless, maybe. Main screen when you create a new one is:


Personally, I like this screen.

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@bravenel thanks!

I took my entire system down two days ago and I’m currently rebuilding everything.

No, it wasn’t anything to do with ST or anything. It’s just something I do. I’m a hands on hardware guy. I learn best by taking things apart and putting it back together.

The last time I took it down was because of ST, but the rebuild taught me a lot.

This time I took it down just to see what I can do better.

This time around I’m planning to implement full use of modes and routines. I will not use SHM to do any of this. 99.8% will be done with rule machine.

I am building everything into categories of actions, rules, and triggers (I label then like this for clarity “trigger - porch lights on”)

Rules and triggers will run and also interact with each other, as well as firing action only rules.

I’m doing this to gain complexity as well as simplicity.

I really want to see how far and hard I can push the system and still maintain reliability.

I will also be adding in moisture sensors, keen vents, and lux sensors this time around.

This is going to take about a month and I am documenting all of it. I plan to put this on the wiki page as a resource for others. I’ll document what works, and what doesn’t and why I think it failed.

I should be done by the 1st of March.

Wish me luck!


Good luck doing that. I am sure it will be better this time around since you have knowledge and experience from doing it the first time. I migrated from Vera so I had to rebuild everything, but it was worth it for me. I have also spent much more on devices when I migrated.

Good Luck!

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