Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

In the IDE, go to My Locations / List SmartApps / Edit (upper right corner) / scroll to those rules and Uninstall.

Something got messed up with a partially constructed rule. Uninstall it and try again.

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thanks mate - worked a treat …

I have a feature request…

Currently wet can set up rules based on days of the week.

Is it possible to use monthly? Or even a Julian date rule of calendar?

That could allow for rules to be ran and evaluated based on a number of days between them. Instead of every Wednesday, it could be every third day or whatever.

This may not have a wide use case, but I’m thinking of this. Rules for my seasonal months. This way I have one for winter, spring, summer, and fall. I can put in trigger switches for those unseasonal days.

This way we don’t have to tweak our rules weekly or monthly.

I especially like the Julian date calendar.

Unfortunately, ST does not support any date input. That is to say, that whatever I would implement would be ad hoc. This isn’t necessarily all that hard, but I’m reluctant to do it due to a number of factors: (1) no API for inputing dates; (2) feature creep pressure to full calendaring; (3) de minimis use cases for it.

Can’t you get IFTTT or something to do the calendaring? Flip a switch. Heck, get your phone to remind you to flip the switch.

Actually yes, I can do that. With my minimalistic approach to almost everything I didn’t even think about using ifttt.

I understand the reasons for not putting that in, and I don’t blame you.

The Navy definitely screwed me up with the do more with less mentality.


This might work as an alternative.

I apologize if this was asked/answered before but search did not help me, so here’s a question, I am trying to create a rule which has 2 triggers, both having the same capability of “Certain Time”, however when I do that I cannot select a different time for each, whichever one I edit ends up being the time displayed in both slots. Not a big deal as I can just create 2 rules but curious why it does that.

Thanks for the great work!

From the documentation ABOVE in the original post:

I got a question with regards to rule efficiency and its behaviour - here is my rule:

if TV outlet power consumption > 10 AND mode home during 6pm and 6am then execute routine MOVIE mode

basically, I want to monitor the consumption at the TV outlet and if its within a certain timeframe or mode it should change the mode to MOVIE mode (dimming some lights and turning others off) … this works just fine but I see loads of poll responses from the outlet in the live logging and I wonder if this could have a negative impact as in the messages flooding the backend maybe to cause issues - to be fair I see responses from the outlet almost every second … every now and then I see other messages i the logs pretty much squeezing in … I am just trying to optimise my rulebase knowing the limitations certain rules could introduce …

any clarification on this please?

Rule Machine creates a subscription to the power events from your device. Those events are reported by the device irrespective of this subscription. When Rule Machine receives such an event, it checks its conditions under the rule to decide what to do, if anything. Usually, there won’t be anything to do, right? Just when the change is made by powering on the device. So Rule Machine itself is a very minor contributor to the stream of events that are otherwise occurring. It does log the events it receives, so each time the power is reported, that generates a log entry. That should not be a problem.

Don’t be alarmed by all of the traffic you see. It’s not actually very much data at all.

ok thanks for the clarification - I wasn’t sure how many messages can be processed and if there are any limitations on concurrent messages - I know they might not be 100% concurrent but it could well happen … I’ll keep an eye out on this - cheers

I made what turned out to be a very small change: Every rule and trigger is now available for “rule truth” and for “run rule actions” **. “rule truth” will yield true for a trigger or an action only rule, will yield rule-truth for a rule, and will yield rule-truth for a triggered rule after it has run the first time (unlike a rule, it is not run when you set it up).

This basically means that “rule truth” is only meaningful for rules without triggers. “Run rule actions” is available for all.

** Your existing rules and triggers will show up after you open them and hit Done, assuming you’ve updated as below.


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When selecting the option to Include Device Name when sending a message, is it the trigger device only?

Yes, that is correct. It’s the only name readily available that is relevant. Also, even if you have 40 devices set up to trigger a message, it’s always exactly one that sends the event in question.

Is “door unlocked by code” a trigger that could be added? Or is it already available and I’m missing it?

Dim lights by mode is awesome. Eliminates 1/2 of my automations.

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Not at this time. I may get around to it at some point, but it has not been implemented.


I was wondering if someone could help me look at my rule for errors. I am trying to have rule machine send a text message if the garage door (via tilt sensor) is open for more than 15 minutes from 10PM to 10AM. I thought I had everything working until I received a couple of false alarms last night due to momentary changes to an “open” condition.

Here is rule:
Trigger: Door Tilt Sensor Open
Define Conditions: 1) Garage Door Tilt Sensor Open 2)Time between 10:00PM and 10:00 AM EST
Define a Rule: Garage Door Tilt Sensor open AND Time between 10:00PM and 10:00 AM EST
Select Actions for True: 1) Delay by 15 minutes (Cancel on truth change) 2) Push ‘The garage is open’ to (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Last night at 2016-02-02 12:13:23.951 AM EST the contact showed open and then went to close at 2016-02-02 12:13:42.157 AM EST. I received a text that the door was open even though the tilt sensor went back to close in about 19 seconds. Theoretically it should have been open for 15 minutes prior to receiving a text.

Any idea what I may have done incorrectly?

Your problem is use of a triggered rule.

Try this approach instead:

Condition: Garage Door Tilt Sensor Open
Rule: Garage Door Tilt Sensor Open
Action for true: [what you have now]
Restriction (under More Options): Between 10pm and 10am

Well to be honest. I just added the trigger this morning thinking that not having it was the issue. So during the mishap last night, there was no trigger. hmmm