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Rule Machine app installation availability

(Omojo) #1

Hello, I wanna find out if Rule Machine app is available for installation.

(Ben) #2

Negative sir. CoRE is the program of choice now.

(Dan P Parker) #3

RIP: RuleMachine

(Eric) #4

Here is the latest link to CoRE.

Are you familiar with how to install?

(Omojo) #5

Hi Eric,

No I’m not familiar with how to install CoRE. What does CoRE do anyway?


(Ben) #7

Here’s everything you’ll need to know about CoRE


(Ben) #8

JD, slow down there buddy! I seem to be responding to everyone about 50 nanoseconds behind you. Never mind the fact that your responses are better than mine. :slight_smile:

(Ben W) #9

This forum needs have the metric “average time @JDRoberts responds”


It’s going to vary tremendously by subject line. :wink:

(Ben) #11

I’m surprised that he didn’t respond to the mere thought of you responding. :sunglasses: JD, you da man my friend, you da man! :+1: