Rule Builder iOS app

FYI - It seems that there was a bug introduced some time last night that would have prevented any new scheduled events (time trigger) from being scheduled properly. If you created any new rules with time triggers last night or this morning, please re-save it (tap the rule to open it, then tap save).

Has anybody got the dimmers to work. My dimmer shows up in app but it only allows on/off functionality

Hi Mark. When you’re selecting devices, you’ll need to select your dimmers in the section labeled “Which dimmers?” It’s divided up logically, so if you only select the device under “Which switches?” you’ll only get on/off access to it. You’ll have to log off and log back in to update your selection.

Logging off and on fixed it.


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Hey Brice,

Loving this app! Any chance that you could enable it to support double presses of a switch? Like the SmartApp Double Tap.


Sure, I suppose that’s possible. I’ll add it to the list. Thanks for the input David.

Next update, version 1.2, is now available on the App Store! (It may take some time for the update to propagate through the stores).

This version has an exciting new feature, SmartRules QuickTap for your Today screen. Add QuickTap as a trigger for your rule, and you will see its icon in your Today screen to quickly trigger the rule. QuickTap gives you the fastest access to your smart home, even when the phone is locked!

And when the Apple Watch comes out later this week, you’ll have QuickTap access there as well!

Get it now -


I wish I could press the like heart a few times on this one! My watch can’t get here soon enough!

Loving the update. Any chance we can reorder the quick taps with the next version?

Yes, I’m planning on adding the ability to reorder all rules, and I’ll make sure that this order is followed for the QuickTaps as well.

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Just ran into a bug today. I created 3 QuickTap rules last night and when I came back to the app today, the rules were gone from the app, but still show up (and still work) on the notification center.

A quick followup. I went into settings, clicked refresh and they showed up again. I then hard closed the app (swiping up on the app) and reopened and they were gone again

Thanks for reporting this Greg. I’ll send you a private message to see if there is any additional info you can give me to help resolve this.

If anyone is seeing rules getting duplicated or dropped, the temporary solution is to delete the app from your phone and then reinstall (don’t delete the SmartApp). You will not lose your rules if you do this, as they’re all stored in the SmartApp. I’ll continue working on finding and fixing the problem.

There is a known issue with events happening twice for a few people right now, due to some back end work.

As they announced previously, smartthings is changing the way they schedule some events in order to try to prevent the sunset problem where not all events fire.

Consequently, they are moving members from servers that use the old method to servers that use the new method.

This can result in an individual household temporarily having their schedules stored on two servers. If this happens, events may fire twice.

It’s not clear how long “temporarily” is, or how much it varies, but at least one member reported problems that lasted almost 24 hours.

So just in case that factors into anything you’re seeing.

So I’ll add one request I just thought of and before I forget. I’d like to be able to disable a rule without deleting that rule. There are different reason for this, one of which is having a large number of items in a rule and if I didn’t want it to run for a period of time I have to delete it then recreate it when I want it to run again. A disable/enable feature would keep me from having to delete and recreate it.


Yes, this is becoming a common request. I’ll definitely work this functionality into a future update.

I just got my Apple Watch and the Quick Tap functions are not working. I tap on an icon and nothing happens. They work perfect on the iPhone, so I don’t think its a problem on my end. Any ideas?

I got a similar report from another user and have started looking into it. Unfortunately, we don’t have any actual devices to test on, and it seems to work fine on the simulator. Are you also not seeing anything in the SmartThings log ( ) when you tap a rule?

I am not seeing anything in the logs when I hit a quicktap button.