Rule Builder iOS app

To add new sensors, you’ll have to log out, then log back in. When you log back in, you’ll be able to check off additional things. Don’t worry, your existing rules are saved in the SmartApp and will be restored when you complete the login.

Does ST have any way to force a re-prompt to allow the section of the things? (I assume they don’t since you would have implemented it that way already!)

If not, I wonder if it is even on their radar? Who should we tag to bring it up?

I’d like to think that there is some way to do that, but I haven’t figured it out yet, although I haven’t spent much time trying to figure it out yet either. I’ll do some investigating.

You should work around this by checking if the app is updated, then log out/in automatically for the user.

The problem there is that I cannot log out and log back in, because your password is not saved anywhere, only a token retrieved from SmartThings is saved. This is much more secure as this allows you to disable access to the app anytime and limits the apps access to only the items you specify.

Actually, now that I think about it, this may be why you cannot get back to that selection screen without logging back in. The token has been provided for the specific selection of items, so for security, it makes sense to not allow access to this screen without logging in again with a password.

There is one alternative that could be easier (for some) that is already in place for the next update. You can add devices to the SmartApp from settings in the SmartThings app, then there is a refresh button in the app that will re-retrieve the information from ST.

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Oh, I like this! (20 chars)

Same here. I have the Figaros. They show up as accelerometers. .

They don’t show up in the selection list when you log in? You should see “Which illuminance sensors?” between the humidity sensors and the locks. If they’re not in that list, then maybe the device type you’re using doesn’t specify the “illuminanceMeasurement” capability?

Hi Brice, The luminance sensors DO show up in the selection list; however when it comes time to build a rule, luminance is not available as either a trigger or condition.

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Oh, I see! Typo in the SmartApp and I don’t have any illuminance sensors so I missed it. Thanks for pointing it out. It should work now.

ADDED: You’ll need to log out and log back in.

Wonderful! And there the luminance triggers are now. Very happy to see this. Luminance capability was my key use case for purchasing the app. Thanks for fixing this so quickly


Great, I’m glad that fixed it! :relieved: Sorry about the trouble initially .

Interesting. I’ve setup a simple rule that turns on a kitchen light when motion is detected. The kitchen light is a dimmer switch. However no light comes on. I see the following in my logs. Any thoughts to what might be going on?

911e9131-e14f-45ed-934e-d144fd4aa571 9:13:51 PM CDT: error java.lang.NumberFormatException @ line 953
911e9131-e14f-45ed-934e-d144fd4aa571 9:13:51 PM CDT: info Trigger: Kitchen Motion motion has stopped
911e9131-e14f-45ed-934e-d144fd4aa571 9:13:50 PM CDT: error java.lang.NumberFormatException @ line 953
911e9131-e14f-45ed-934e-d144fd4aa571 9:13:50 PM CDT: info Trigger: Kitchen Motion motion has stopped
911e9131-e14f-45ed-934e-d144fd4aa571 9:13:23 PM CDT: error java.lang.NumberFormatException @ line 953
911e9131-e14f-45ed-934e-d144fd4aa571 9:13:23 PM CDT: info Trigger: Kitchen Motion detected motion

I think I see the problem here. Did you by any chance start that rule with a different trigger, one that requires a value (such as illuminance sensor), then change it to the motion detector? I see a place in the app where when this case happens, one field of the rule is not reset correctly. I’ve got the fix ready for the next version, but in the meantime, if you start off with a new rule (instead of changing the existing one), this should work fine.

Hi Brice

I did go through that iteration, but thought that I had also started fresh on at least one iteration of troubleshooting. Easy enough to test out a bit later today.


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Note that SMS is not working right now, so if you are using a rule to send SMS and it isn’t working, the problem is on the SmartThings side, not SmartRules - SMS Disabled?

It’s back to working again.

Bought the SmartRules app this morning. It is so much more straight-forward to create and manage rules with the SmartRules app than it is natively with SmartThings. This is how I want to be able to manage rules and logic in my smart home. A few notes/suggestions:

First, I would love to be able to make rules with more complexity in the “while this is true” section. Right now you can match the conditions while ALL of the conditions are true or while ANY of the conditions are true. However, there are many situations where it would be extremely useful to create rules along the lines of:

Condition1 AND (Condition2 OR Condition3) AND (Condition4 OR Condition5)

Is this something you’ve thought about? Is this viable? I know it would make the UI a little more complex, but perhaps there could be an “advanced” rule mode that lets you specify more complex criteria?

Second, with regards to sunrise/sunset, it would be nice to be able to set rules where the “while” criteria is between sunset and sunrise (for nighttime-specific actions) or between sunrise and sunset (for daytime-specific actions). I want a rule to automatically turn on lights when I come home and it’s dark (between sunset and sunrise). I can have a rule that triggers when an exterior door is opened, with “while” criteria that “PresenceSensor is present” AND “time is after sunset”. However, I want that rule to also trigger if the time is before sunrise. I’m assuming that the rule won’t trigger between midnight and sunrise because the clock has rolled over and it’s now before sunset for the new day. Since you can’t do a complex “while” criteria of…

“PresenceSensor is present” AND (“time is after sunset” OR “time is before sunrise”)

…I’ve worked around this by creating two separate rules, as follows:

Rule 1 = “PresenceSensor is present” AND "time is after sunset"
Rule 2 = “PresenceSensor is present” AND “time is before sunrise”

Hi James. I’m glad the app you are liking the app. Great suggestions, let me address them each:

Yes, this is on my list of todos. I’m trying to figure out the right UI so that it doesn’t scare away the more basic users and may, as you suggest, have some advanced option that enables this behavior. This will be coming after a few more key components are in place.

Actually, I’ve kind of done this already in the backend, and I’ve been meaning to change the interface. Basically, I assume that anytime a rule says “after sunset”, that they also mean “before sunrise”, and similarly, when a rule says after sunrise, it also means before sunset. All of the cases of crossing from one day to the next are handled in the back end, so you should just be able to put one condition, and it will do the right thing. In a future update, maybe I’ll change the interface to something simple like “it’s dark out” or “it’s light out”.