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All of the configuration for SmartRules is done on the iOS app. Nothing is supposed to show up in the IDE.

You should have an icon like this for it


Thanks, but then back to the original question. I have 4 or 5 rules built, none of which do anything. The logs are fine and using templated smartapps things and events work as expected. So overall I don’t think there are any issues with my devices etc. It just seems like I am missing a step. Probably something like the equivalent of “Publish to me”.

@airic499, nope, there is no missing step. In the app, once you login to your SmartThings account and authorize, any rules you make should begin working right away.

Do you see “SmartRules” in your SmartThings app under “Convenience”?

You said the logs are as they should be; what are you seeing in the logs? When a rule is triggered, do you see log entries like:

Taking action for rule 'Motion'
Trigger: 2nd Floor Motion motion is active

Or when you add a rule, you should see an entry like:

Adding a new rule 'Motion'

Ok then somehow it is not attaching correctly. I do see the SmartThings app under Convenience and I am able to expose things and see them in the phone app. I can build rules using my things in the phone app.

But I’ll have to amend my comment on the logging. I meant that I see a motion event fire when you walk past the sensor, see button presses, etc. But I don’t see see anything at all about rules. No adding rules, no taking rule actions. So clearly that is part that isn’t happening.

I have tried deleting the app and re installing a couple of times already as mentioned above for others. No joy there.

When you deleted the app, did you delete both the app from your iPhone/iPad and delete the SmartApp via the SmartThings app?

Yes, but not sure if I ever deleted both at the same time. Mostly one or the other. I’ll try that.

Ok, unistalling and re-installing both, I am now seeing the adding new rules show up in the logs :smiley: I guess I need to create a rule that I can test now. Most all so far are things like at dusk, and when away, etc.

I’ll create some dummy motion detect rule and see if that works then post feedback. I am guessing since the add rule is now logging, that the rules will work though.

Thanks for you help Brice!

Oh great. I’m not sure what would have happened before, but I’m glad its working now. There have been some strange things happening with ST logins recently, so maybe we can blame it on that? Anyway, let me know how it goes once you have some rules setup.

I was just going to point that out. Logins are fairly stable with IE, but everytime from Chrome or firefox and I noticed at least once from your app, I get looped into the never ending login cycle. Touch anything in the IDE or app and it immediately kicks you to the log in page. Which is really weird in the IDE where it will show you as logged in in the header!!

I’ll go with that explanation for sure. I would suggest that you add a blurb somewhere in your instructions about seeing the rule added in the log. That seems to be the real indicator of success.

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I had the login loop with IE as well. :disappointed_relieved:

Version 1.1 of SmartRules has been submitted to the App Store!

New features:

  • Hello, Home actions
  • Delayed actions
  • No more limit of 4 time triggers

Added support for many new device types:

  • Music players
  • Illuminance sensors
  • Acceleration sensors
  • Momentary switches
  • Humidity sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Dimmer switches

And some minor bug fixes!

Keep the ideas coming for more improvements.


@obycode - Does momentary switches mean devices like the SmartenIT 3 button controller? I know that devices like the Minimote are listed in SmartRules,but you can’t yet select the individual buttons on it.

Momentary switches just means the official “capability.momentary” which has a “push” action and nothing else. I’m not sure which devices use this, but I don’t think it will help you use the SmartenIT or Minimote for rule building. I’m just sticking with official capabilities ( for now, until they are all supported, then we can look into these.

I don’t currently have any of these multi-button devices, so I haven’t looked into their details before. Are they officially supported or do they use a community built device type?

The Minimote is officially supported. (It’s included in the ST lighting kit.) SmartenIT, not yet.

I know that SmartenIT has said they are reaching out to ST to get official support. There is a community device type at the moment that I would expected to end up being the basis of the official one…since why reinvent the wheel! :smile:

My reason for asking for support of the Minimote and SmartenIT devices is because I would love to use the SmartRule app to have one button flip back and forth between modes or hello, home actions. If they were supported, the current version of SR can easily allow for the same button push to flip between Movie mode and Home mode with a few conditional statements.

Much easier that trying to get a smartapp together that would do it! :smile:

Cool. I’ll take a look and try to get it supported soon. I may recruit you to test it for me.

Always happy to be a guinea pig!

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Version 1.1 is now approved and live on the App Store! Enjoy!


OMG, OMG, OMG…missed this because I had friends over. Damn friends making me social when I just want to make my house smarter!!!

The lluminance sensors did not show up when try to build the rule