Rule Builder iOS app

@obycode thanks looks like it’s working now.

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My mistake, the sensor has both motion and contact sensors and the condition was for the contact sensor which I do not use.

Works perfectly now, thanks !

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It looks like time based rules aren’t running for me. Sunset/Sunrise are working perfectly, but if I set a specific time, they don’t fire.

@greg_allen, thanks for the heads up. That may have been a ST issue. My time triggered rule went off about 28 minutes late this morning. I’ll look into it just in case though.

I found a bug. I logged out and logged back in to add another device. I created a bunch of rules based on that new device and everything worked great. Today, when I open up the app to adjust a rule, all of those new rules are gone and the new device that I added is gone as well.

just to follow up. I logged out and logged in again and the rules showed back up. So not sure what is going on. I’ll keep an eye on it to see what happens moving forward

Oh, well that’s good news, but it still sounds like something strange is going on. I’ll check into it.

Also, it seems like time triggers might be working again. One just fired for me right on time at 11:10.

I’m testing the lite app and it seems to work well. I have two ST hubs. It would be nice to be able to log in to both simultaneously or to easily toggle between the two as with the ST app.

Hi @bergman. Thanks for the input. I’ll have to look into this. So do you mean two separate logins, or just two hubs on one account? I’ll add this to the list, but it will be lower priority until the more common scenarios are all working.

I downloaded the Lite version but I can’t find my thermostat. Are thermostats supported?

Not yet, but they’re on the list to be added.

@obycode any chance there will be an android version in the near future?

Not in the very near future; iOS gets priority for a while until all the key features are complete, then we do plan on making an Android version.

:frowning: Sad panda :frowning: But I understand… just have to decide weather to update my iPhone 4S or not now as your app only supports iOS 8 and up.

Don’t suppose a web portal of sorts is on the block any time soon either then huh…?

Thanks for the reply.

I may be able to reduce that iOS 8 requirement in a future update, but I can’t make any guarantees. Properly testing that would be the hard part.

No plans on a web based tool from me, although you may find something else on the forums.

Great news! We got an expedited review from Apple, and now version 1.0.1 is live with all reported bugs fixed. (it sometimes takes a while to propagate through the store, so some may still see version 1.0, but it should be available soon).

  • Fixed crash on login (when authorizing a door controller device)
  • Fixed crash on using time triggers
  • Fixed sunrise/sunset not triggering rules
  • Fixed crash on deleting trigger when action is defined
  • Fixed issue with rules not saving and/or duplicating when logging out and back in

If you were running into any of these problems before, you may want to delete the app and re-install.

Please contact me if you run into any more issues. Now that these bugs are fixed, we’ll be working hard on adding the new features. I’ll plan on adding a page to the site so you can easily tell what is supported, and what is coming soon. If the app is proving to be helpful for you, please help us out and write a review on the App Store :smile:.

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+3 on dimmers and the timeout.

Hi obycode,

I must be missing a guide someplace. First, it installed fine and seems to sync to my smartthings account fine (see my devices). The rules builder is great (add my vote for offsets Dusk + 6 dawn -1). But I don’t see how to actually turn the rules on anywhere? They don’t show up in the Smartthings web app or the web IDE. Most importantly, they don’t seem to actually cause actions.

My guesses are I need to do something to import them into my smartthings environment, or I need to “turn them on” someplace, but no idea how or where? The only place I see them is on my iPad inside your builder app. Not sure if it means anything, but I have the app on my iPhone as well and I don’t see them there either. Is there an export, add, load feature I am missing?

Thanks for any help!

As a PS the logs for the triggers are all as they should be, just no events happening with the trigger.

Some trouble shooting. Not sure what the cause is, but I don’t see SmartRules showing up as a smartapp:

 > Please try logging out in the app, then uninstalling the app, then from the SmartThings app, uninstall the       "SmartRules" SmartApp. 

I am clearly logging from the app. I see my things, but it isn’t showing up as an app inside the IDE.