Rule Builder iOS app

I bought the full version and I can’t get my rules to run. My latest attempt is below and when my wife got home nothing happened. Garage door was closed since I was with her to witness it.

I tried simpler ones too and nothing. Will try again this weekend when I have time to tinker but wanted to see if I am missing something. I am only interested in arrival rules for now so maybe that is the problem.

Just tried a simple test using light switches and it worked flawlessly. I think this is an issue with phone arrival issues that others have reported. Will investigate some other option.

Is it possible to create a rule that will run only if I have been away for a certain amount of time?

Right now I have a door sensor on my loft which will trigger my lights to turn on. I want this to happen only if I have been gone for more than a certain amount of time. This would keep the lights from coming on overtime that I open the door.

Or is there a better way to do this?

There’s no way to put a timer on a presence sensor leaving with the SmartRules app. You can add timer delays, though, to the action. This would have to be a custom SmartApp. Off the top of my head, I don’t know of one that fits the bill, but would need more info. I would suggest putting your scenario together in a separate post with a good title and see if someone out there knows of an app I don’t know about…as there are many, many, many apps out there…both public and private.

Yes, Brian is right. This is a feature that we plan to have for version 2.0, but it doesn’t exist yet.

@obycode I just discovered your app and love it. Great job. I was wondering if there is a way to have a rule only fire once within a 24hr period. Didn’t see anything in the app and don’t know if you already have plans for it or not. But I have a temp sensor as part of my mailbox trigger (you got mail notification). I currently have a notification set for when it dips below 32 degrees as a reminder to drip the faucets if need be. However It seems to be firing the rule every time the temperature changes even below 32 degrees. Leading to a tone of notifications. Is there a way to set this rule to only fire once a day?

No, we don’t currently have that functionality, but it sounds like a good idea for an additional feature. For your specific rule, I think that a trigger such as “temp goes below 32” should only run when the temperature changes from something above 32 to something below. If that is not what is happening, then I think that is a bug. I’ll take a look at it. Thanks for the info.

Yep, anytime the temp changes to anything under 32, I get a new notification again for each degree it keeps dropping. Thanks for looking into it for me.

SmartRules 1.4 is now available on the App Store:

SmartRules is now officially approved by SmartThings!!! While that should that give you some peace of mind and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, more importantly, it means that SmartRules will now work in all regions (that means you, UK users!). There is a simple migration process for existing users to move your rules over to the new SmartApp. Just login when prompted, select all of your devices, and all of your rules will be copied over.

We also snuck in a few other improvements:

  • Fixed everything behind the scenes in the watch app. Now it is very quick and reliable.
  • Also added some visual feedback when a button is pressed (very often requested).

NOTE: This version is designed for WatchOS 2, since the previous version was unreliable. WatchOS 1 is longer be supported.

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Nice update! While I use @bravenel’s Rule Machine for rule logic, I do like your app for widgets and watch, especially considering the ST native app keeps logging me out and losing those settings. Also, ST has not updated their watch app to work with OS2. That being said, here are a few observations:

  1. when you add a new quick tap rule, you need to go into the watch app and force touch Refresh. Anyway to automatically avoid this?

2). The icon library needs work. Most of those icons don’t really resemble things we would do. We need more lighting icons, bedroom, car, etc.

3). The icons on my widget screen get cut off if they are too long. Same for watch. Anyway to use multiple lines?

Thanks @Mbhforum, and thanks for the suggestions. All three of those items are on the todo list. The version we’re working on now, 2.0, is all about user interface improvements. It will definitely have fixes for 2 and 3, and I’ll try to get 1 in there as well.

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One other issue to report. The widgets aren’t center aligned and appear to be right aligned. See screenshot.

Yeah we left that offset that Apple includes by default (notice that many others have this indent as well), but you’re right, it would look better centered. Thanks

@obycode After updating to the latest version, I only had about half my rules show up and some were duplicates. Went to refresh it, now I only have 3. What gives? Am I doing something wrong? That was a lot of time spent just to have it wiped out by an app update. Is there anything I can do to recover or do I have to start all over?

Same here. I just lost a ton of rules :frowning:

It looks like the migration is not working for some users, but I haven’t found a reason or a pattern yet. It seems more likely to affect users with a large number of rules which is unfortunate because you guys are the ones that suffer the most if you lose rules. We’re looking into it, but in the meantime, if losing existing rules and starting fresh would be devastating, you may want to hold off on updating.

My sincere apologies to those that already did and lost some or all rules. I promise we will do better next time.

Can SmartRules be used just for widgets and all of the logic be done within SmartThings itself? Or do the widget buttons only represent rules created within the app?

For Example, Can I use the Rule Machine smart app or any other Smart app for the automation piece, and just use SmartRules to query the devices in ST and have a widget with buttons for basic functions (ie: unlock the door, turn on a light or group of lights, etc)?

The widgets represent rules in the app. You create a rule, add “QuickTap” as a trigger, and it will show in the Today Screen widget and Watch app. The rule that it triggers can do anything that any other rule does (see the list of “then do this” actions on Using SmartRules does not prevent you from using other SmartApps at the same time, so you can do whatever else you like outside of SmartRules.

Also, I think I should clarify that the rules that you create in SmartRules are running within the SmartThings cloud, just like any other SmartApp. There is no third party server or anything else, just a SmartApp. The SmartRules app just creates the rules and sends them to this SmartApp, everything else happens there, in the SmartThings cloud.

Does that answer your question @Jnick?

I just purchased this app… Looked like a great solution to some of my automation challenges :slight_smile: However, it seems I can’t get past the authorisation step with SmartThings. I select my Things in the list after logging in, I hit the Authorize button and then it hangs forever with the small blue pin wheel spinning.

Any ideas? I’m in the UK if that helps.

There was an unannounced change yesterday in SmartThings authorization procedure that broke a bunch of third party integrations:

They should be rolling it back today. We are also submitting a workaround in an update to Apple.