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I saw this asked before and you said it was planned but I was not sure if it was implemented yet and I just didn’t see it. I want to set a trigger to alert me if my gate is left open for more than 5 minutes but not alert me if it’s closed before the 5 minutes is up, is this possible yet?


Not yet. Right now, the condition is only checked at the time the rule is triggered. So if you add a delay on the action, it does not check the condition again after the delay. I’m planning on adding options to say whether the condition should be checked at the time of trigger, after the delay, or both.

No problem, just figured I would ask before wasting my time trying to figure it out :smile:


Any idea how to go about controlling the volume for the events or setting a default volume for Speech?

Hmmm… That may be the downside to the limited speech synthesis capability, no options to control. I can add volume control support for music players, then that should do the trick. To be honest, I’m not sure why I didn’t include that before.

Oh, or the other option is to just edit your device type and hard code the volume setting in the speak method. That may actually be a better option.

So add something like this in your speak method (before play):

result << setLocalLevel(80)

Thanks My wife will be pleased :smile:

I’ve made the edit and will test when I get home.

Feature Requests… (If this is the wrong place to post I apologize)

  • Copy/Paste Rules for easy duplication of similar rules
  • Edit existing rules and see existing data (ex. if I go back in to edit a temp I have to go back through picking the temp sensor and enter value as if it’s a new IF statement)
  • Volume control of Speech Events

Nope, this is a good place. Thanks for the input. The first two are already on the todo list, and for the third, I’ll add volume control to the music player, which should handle this for you.


@tonesto7, I was able to add the volume support quickly with just backend changes, so it is available now. You’ll just need to do a refresh in SmartRules to see it.


Wow… Thanks for the quick changes.

Interesting…And now the option is gone…

Any plans for 4 button minimote support? It would be great to get rid of the Button Controller app and then have ALL my rules live inside SmartRules.

Hey Greg. Have you seen this post? Since we want to keep SmartRules to only using official capabilities, this is the way to go. This SmartApp takes a multi-button device and turns each of its buttons into an individual device, which can be used by SmartRules to create rules. I’m using it with the Enerwave SC-7 7 button wall switch, and it should work with the minimote, but i’m not sure if anyone has tried it yet. Please post your results on that other thread.

Awesome! I just tried it, but it threw an error when I saved. I opened an issue on github

Oh, the minimote must not have “numButtons” defined. I thought for sure I checked that before and it was there… I posted a slightly modified device type to that repo ( ).

The Minimote is a device that has 4 physical buttons, but can transmit 8 states. Each button has “press” or “Long press.” Or “press” and “hold.”

Version 1.3 of SmartRules is now available on the App Store! If you don’t see it yet, it should propagate through their servers soon.

This version doesn’t look much different, but we did a major overhaul on all the stuff that happens behind the scenes. We’ve resolved all known crashes and all known data corruption issues (missing rules, duplicated rules, lost changes, etc.). If you continue to see any issues, please, let us know!

We’ve also lowered the requirement to iOS 8.1.

As always, with every new version, you are able to add a new review, so please, if you find SmartRules helpful, please take a minute to write us a review. This really helps enable us to continue adding new features and fixing your issues. Cheers!

EDIT - We discovered a bug with creating QuickTap rules in this update, so I’ve temporarily taken it down. It will be back up ASAP. An update has been submitted to Apple, and I’m hoping we can get an expedited review to get this out fast.
EDIT - 1.3.1 is live now, so everything should be good. Thanks for the expedited review Apple!

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is this the same as the testflight version? or do I need to delete that and update with the app store version?

No, the testflight version you had was 1.2.1.