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Good stuff!

Quick question, should Sonos show up under the list of available Speech Synthesis devices?

Unfortunately, no. We are looking for the “Speech Synthesis” capability. The Sonos device type only registers with the following capabilities:

capability "Actuator"
capability "Switch"
capability "Refresh"
capability "Sensor"
capability "Music Player"

The “Speech Synthesis” capability could easily be added to the Sonos though… It already supports the actually functionality, just not the exact same interface.

@April - Who could we talk to to get this added to the default Sonos device type?

1.2.1 seemed to fix my corruption issues. Great work, thank you!

Awesome! Thanks for the update. There are definitely some bug fixes in there. The major overhaul is in 1.3 which (if everything goes well) will be available in 1-2 weeks. If anyone still sees issues, this update resolves all known data corruption issues (weird behavior with duplicates, missing rules, crashes, etc.).

May have spoken a little too soon. Just opened the app and only 5 rules were showing. Manually refreshed the app and all 13 of my rules re-populated. Hit and miss, but definitely improved from 1.2

QuickTap on the iPhone works great now!

Understood. With version 1.3, I’ve tried every crazy thing I can think of, and I can’t get it to break. I’m sure someone will do something weird and prove me wrong, but its definitely way better :smile:. Hopefully the approval process goes smoothly and quickly.

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By the way, the fantastic generic DLNA device type here does include the speech synthesis capability! I’m using it with some StriimLights.

Looks better and works on Apple Watch now. My only complaint is the QuickTap labels get cut off on the Apple Watch so “Living Room Dimmer” becomes “Living Ro…”. My advice is to adopt ST’s Apple Watch approach using Vertical Hello Home actions instead of Horizontal. I do notice the SmartRules Apple Watch seems to load a little faster than ST, so if you fixed the display issue, I would definitely consider using it instead.

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Glad its working well now!

My thought was that the icon would be the key differentiator, and a short name could be used, that’s why we went with two columns like that. We’ll experiment with one wide column and see how it looks. Thanks for the feedback.

Do you have plans to add in the Sonos music player text to speech? It’s the only missing feature for me. Then I can stop running so many different smart apps :smile:

I do plan to add more of the “music player” functionality at some point (but its not high priority), but really, for the text to speech, all we need is a proper device type for the Sonos. It would be very easy to add that “speech synthesis” capability and support the “speak” command. I can take a few minutes to write a modified device type for Sonos, but hopefully, we can get SmartThings to update the official device. I’m not sure who might be responsible for it that we could bug on the forums. :smile:


The problem is if I have 10 quick taps all being lighting, there is only so many icons I can use and it becomes difficult to distinguish.

You’re really making the most out of the QuickTaps! Very nice. I see how this becomes a problem. We’ll work on it!

Is there any way to add additional icons? Right now, very few of the icons in the list really apply to any of my devices/phrases. I know you had some, uh… “fun” with Apple because of the icons in the past, but maybe a way for us to provide links to our own icons?

No way to do that for now, but I see the problem. I’ll consider pulling from a larger pool of icons, and/or allowing you to specify your own. Thanks for the feedback.

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Thanks for the great work! Picking up my watch after work today. Can’t wait!

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@obycode, I just tried out your latest version using the speech synthesis and modified PushBullet device that @baldeagle072 helped me with. It all worked perfectly!!!
The only change I made was because the subject of the message just said “Note: SmartThings” and I had to open PushBullet to see the message.
I changed this:

def speak(message) {
push(null, message)

to this:

def speak(message) {
push(message, message)

So now on the pop up on my iPhone I see the whole message and more importantly I have a Garmin VivoSmart band that will show my PB notifications so I get this:

Cool stuff!!! Thanks to both of you :smile:

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That’s awesome! Nice work.

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I made some changes to the ST Default Sonos Device type to allow it to show up as a Speech Synthesis device. (Thanks for your help Brice #obycode)
I have only tested it against the SmartRules app but it seems to be working. (Don’t forget to add the device(s) to your smartrules smart app under the SmartThings application) Also don’t forget to change the device type to the custom one under devices…

Here is the modified default Sonos device type: Sonos Device with Speech

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Nice! Happy to help. :smiley: I also put in a request to support to update the official device type.