RTH6580WF Change Setpoint through Automation


I have a rental home and recently bought 2 RTH6580WF to integrate into my Smartthings hub. I bought these thermostats to reduce the likelyhood of theft or damage as the look like boring honeywell thermostats.

These thermostats do not have temperate stop points. Meaning, I can’t prevent a renter from lowering the A/C below 70 degrees or raising the heat past 78 degrees.

I would like to do this through automation. I don’t see in the default automation how I would read a setpoint and heating/cooling mode and if it’s >78 degrees, force it back to 78 degrees. I can read the temperature and take action, but not the actual set point.

Any suggestions or guidance on how I could develop a custom smart app to handle this?


I’d look at creating a webCore piston, but that’s usually my goto for most situations.

Automations don’t support yet taking an action on the device which is part of the if statement, let’s say, it will not allow you to change setpoint to 78 when setpoint changed before to 80. It is due to avoid unintentional loops. But it might will change in the future. Try the WebCore way or Sharptools.io or maybe the new Rule Engine.

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Thanks! I was building a custom smart app, which was working, but WebCoRE was much more versatile!

Got it working in about 20 minutes.

Thanks all!

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