Routing loop

is there any way to static route this stuff?

If the device is working, don’t worry about it.

Z-wave routing isn’t fixed. From what I’ve read here, multiple messages between two endpoints won’t necessarily follow the same route.

What you’re seeing in the IDE is not the route to the hub but a route.

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it “kinda works” battery life on this lock is an issue the debolt lock on the same door this lock is on is a better path.

what is od is i have bunch of in-wall plugs around and now i found out it is not hardly using them :frowning:

is there a way to see the true path?
also this device is not updating it battery its stuck on 40% despite me just replacing the batteries

There’s no such thing. Each device has a table of all its neighbors and can send to any of them.

That being said, I think locks are somehow different. I don’t have any smart locks and don’t know anything about them. Have you tried searching the community site for your specific make and model?

yeah they are kwi 912 latches (3), schl dead bolts (6)

ugh i wish they had little solar panel to charge the batteries LOL but if they connect well the batteries really last a while

im a network engineer so i’m used to having to “direct” things routing or at least have the preferred path lol

heck that path above the one hope is “offline” (motion) and its battery why is it trying to repeat anything?

I am also a network engineer, and self-healing routes are cool, no human intervention required to find the best route and they can take into account a lot of real time information And keep everything balanced with high QOS. There’s a ton of stuff at IEEE about them if you’re interested. The frustrating thing is that SmartThings gives us almost no tools to watch what’s going on. If you’re interested, there’s a Third party field tech tool kit you can buy, but it costs about 150 bucks so probably not worth it. Here’s the thread about it.

ZWAVE TOOLBOX: third party diagnostic tool

That said, if that motion sensor is only battery powered, something is definitely wrong, it should not be in the route at all. :thinking: What’s the brand and model of the motion sensor?

As far as why zwave locks are different, see the community FAQ:

FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

One last thought… I’m pretty sure what you’re seeing is not a loop but a recovery. It’s going to the motion sensor, the motion sensor is failing to repeat the message, so it’s going back to the Living room light which is then trying an alternate route through the kitchen light. So that part is actually OK, I’m just trying to figure out why the motion sensor is there at all. Again, we need to know the brand and model of the motion sensor, but also what DTH you are using for it. I’m wondering if maybe somehow you’ve got the wrong DTH on it. :thinking:

Zooz/Monoprice 4-in-1 Multisensor (not plugged in battery only (battery hog too)

yup that is why i start looking at paths some of these are really bad and repair did not change it :frowning: do i need to reboot hte hub? shut main power off to the house?

What’s the DTH assigned to it in the IDE?

i have (one) of the DH loaded in the IDE do i need to tell it what device? where do i check whats it using?

ahh i found it i had to remember where it was the DH is given to the device in the IDE

That’s not the DTH. The DTH is in the “type” field on the “My Devices” page.

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a couple of months back i had something routing thru a battery powered smoke alarm. JDR may remember me asking about this. there was some other radio trouble with pairing. i even had an inside ST tech looking at logs. in the end i deleted all devices and did a hard reset of the hub. then everything was working like its supposed to.

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i keep getting this too

it really sounds like its time to do a good ole hard reset.

Is that a real device or a ghost?