Routines With Sensors

Anyone else having new issues with routines that use sensor temperatures not triggering as expected?

This routine was working fine until the last update. The Then is turning on a fan. But even with all true, nothing.

Take out the period of time and see if it works.

If it does work, you may want try a different method of using the period of time such as the following Edge virtual calendar. You can use the option of choosing a start and end time with it.

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Removing Time Period cured the trigger. Odd since that is organic.

Cannot seem to locate Virtual Calendar on GitHub yet, but it sounds like cool tool.

It is not on GitHub. It is an Edge driver. Groovy device handlers will eventually be replaced with Edge Drivers and they will not appear in GitHub. Also, IDE will be phased out once groovy support ends on the ST platform. With Custom Edge drivers , you subscribe to the developers channel and enroll the Edge driver you wish to use.

Tagging @Mariano_Colmenarejo who can teyou how to subscribe to his channel :slight_smile:

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I just figured out the location and the enroll part, but how do you activate it?

Add device - scan nearby which creates the device. After you set that up, the option will appear under Device Status in the routine where you can choose the time range is between.


Got it, Now to play. :slight_smile: