Routines Randomly Not Kickin In


I have my sprinkler pump connected to a smart relay and managed in Snarthings. I have 3 equal routines that turns it on and stays on for 15 mins. Each routine repeats after 5 mins after the previous one is complete. This is for the sprinkler rotor to cover all 3 sections.
I started to see that sometimes i would wake up in the mornings and the pump was ON. Checked the history of the device and would see that the first routine was turned on on time but that was it. Nothing else. I then programmed a backup turn off routine for after all three were supposed to be complete but im seeing the same behavior.
Im still seeing that occasionally only the first one triggers but never moves to turn off or on to the following routines.
Any ideas?

It would be helpful to see the specific trigger conditions and actions for the Routines listed in your screenshot.

Here is goes. One at a time because of the forum restrictions

Yeah, these seem like straightforward and show they are running locally on the hub. Have you check the Activity History to see if the Routines fired, but perhaps the commands didn’t make it from the hub to the devices? Another thing you could do is use the ST CLI on a Windows/Mac/Linux system to do driver logging which would show if the hub is sending commands to the devices. Once you’ve downloaded the CLI app, you would use the command “smartthings edge:drivers:logcat” and select the driver for the sprinklers.

Here is the history. It shows the first routine kicking in but then nothing else until i turned it off manually in the morning

I was talking about the general Activity log available via Menu->History->Filter->General History. It shows when Routines run.

Uh well now this is interesting. I see all routines triggering but they do not show up in the device history and they certainly didn’t work.

Then you should probably do device driver logging as I suggested to see if the hub is transmitting the commands.

Is there any way that you could be inadvertently cutting power to the smart relay at some point between 11 pm and 11:15 pm, and restoring it later?

Alternatively could you be cutting power to another smart device that is acting as a repeater for the smart relay?

I just get the impression it is going offline.

The energy/power readings also seem somewhat sparse and irregular. That may be normal but it also makes me wonder if it isn’t always powered.

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The only thing i can think of is that the smart relay is kind of in the edge of the wifi and it is possible that it lost it temporarily, but its strange that the hub sent several other on and off orders across a full hour and none of them went through. I doubt that the relay loses connectivity for that long.
@h0ckeysk8er ill play with the CLI a bit.

Is the relay on Wi-Fi? If that were the case, the Routines would not show up as running locally on your hub unless they were Matter over Wi-Fi devices. I thought we were probably talking about Z-Wave or Zigbee devices.

No no…my bad. The relay is zigbee if im not mistaken. The hub is kind of far though with no other devices nearby to repeat.