Routines: question about local vs. cloud for mixed routines

If I have a routine that contains two actions:
Control a switch (local)
Send a notification (cloud)

This will appear in my routine list as a “cloud” routine instead of a local one.

If this routine were to fire, will the local switch control occur if disconnected from the cloud, even though the notification cannot?

What I’m getting at is, if I have routines that have mixed cloud and local actions, should I be breaking them in to multiple routines to have the local actions occur when disconnected? Or do the local actions in a mixed routine occur when disconnected from the cloud?

Thanks - hopefully makes sense.

A routine either runs in the cloud or on the hub. So yes.

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I have an ST button to operate a light.
In the device page I set a “Pressed” action to operate light.
Then I pressed the routines link on that page and there was No routine shown, so I created it again. Now I have 2 routines showing in the main Routines Tab, but in the devices screen one shows up and in its Routine link the other one shows up.
Very strange behaviour, as the Devices Routine link does Not show the “Pressed” action but the App Routine tab shows both as routines!

Another variation is for switches, where the ‘Timer’ is on the details page but the unfortunately named ‘Power’ on and off controls are on the device Routines page.

What type of phone do you have?

On an Android phone, SmartThings uses an Android feature called “quick controls” for the options on the device page—those aren’t actually routines, which is why they have different options and labels.

I’m not saying that’s not confusing: it is. I’m just saying that’s the engineering choice they made that produced the results you’re seeing. :thinking:

That appears to be a different process. That appears to refers to the Android devices option/menus. PS i am on Android.
I am talking completely in the ST App. On the ST Button device “Controls” page there are three options: for Pressed, Double Pressed and Held to create your actions. Then at the bottom of that same screen is also the “Routines” (and “History”) tabs for the same device. These create separate routines, both of which can do the same thing and both then appear in the Automations/Routines pages of the App.


On Android, inside the SmartThings app, on the Device details page you will see Controls. This usually gives you access to the Android Quick Controls options for that device.

At least that’s how it was when they first introduced it, I don’t know if it’s changed. :thinking:

Controls is the default tab for device details. Once upon a time all the so called ‘quick controls’ appeared on that in between the other device tiles.

After they introduced the device Routines tab they moved some of the ‘quick controls’ to that tab. You’d have thought it would be all or none, but no. So you still get the one-shot ‘Timer’ control for switches and the press handlers for buttons on the Controls tab, but the ‘Power On’, ’ Power Off’, and ‘Power On and Off’ controls for switches are on the device Routines tab.

The quick controls have always appeared in the main list of Routines, with the odd exception (the ‘Timer’ doesn’t) and are presumably managed by the routines creator. Indeed for button presses there is no hiding it, it uses the routine creator UI without the conditions section. It doesn’t even bother to take you back to the device details page from the Automations page.

It’s all just a bit inconsistent really.

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