Routines not triggering and/or are partially executing

So a failure I’m seeing the past couple of mornings now…

I have one routine that activates at 6 am, Mon-Fri, that turns up the thermostat and sets the mode to ‘Home’. I have a second routine that activates based on four different motions sensors after 6 am (every day), which disarms the SHM, turns on some lights, and also sets the thermostat temps and mode to ‘Home’.

The second routine never fires. I can run it manually just fine.

Is there a restriction on setting the mode in routines? If one routine sets the mode to ‘Home’, will any routines that also set the mode to ‘Home’ be ignored?

It has been for me as well. Routines will not fire, however when I manually hit it everything will work

just bumping this thread…

UK user and routines are not firing at all. Like everyone else, manually running the routines works fine but it is the automatic running of these which fail…

Why Smartthings all of a sudden do these stop working? No updates or software changes so what is being changed to effect this??

I don’t really want to go back to manual timers for my Christmas Lights…

Yes to both. See:

Thanks for confirming that. I’ll have to redesign my routines.

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Does this include fixes to scheduled routines that become stale? I’ve been in touch with support in the UK about this for about a month and they say engineering are looking into it. I have tried everything from changing the time slightly, deleting and recreating routines but they all end up in this state.

I’ve also been having problems again the past several days. Seemed that everything was finally working right, but now more problems again.

One of my smart apps is not firing and I can’t control a Zwave switch manually from the app either.

This is getting beyond frustrating…

Yes this is what is happening to me also!!!

Any update on this one.

I have made redundant rules for all my routines in RULE MACHINE. Since I did that I’ve not seen a single miss in last 3 days. Seems like there is definitely something to be fixed on the way ST is executing routines.

@slagle - well, the mystery of routines not correctly setting virtual switches on is solved - not a bug in ST, just a logic error in how I setup Rule machine and Trigger happy. So, that’s one thing you can cross off the list! :smile:


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For those who are frustrated by routines not executing fully on a timed schedule I can suggest a work around which has seemed to work pretty reliably for me for the past week

Set up a virtual switch that triggers an app that in return executes the routine. Incidentally, a lot of us are doing this as a way to get Alexa to fire routines.

To schedule this routine you can use smart lighting to turn the switch on at a specific time or sunrise/sunset. So far this has worked really well. I suppose you can use the same method for presence.

So far it hasn’t failed to work for me but I could just be lucky.

I’m having similar problems and, like others, could only recommend STs to someone I want to drive crazy. I have a very simple set of two routines - one turns on my garden accent lights at sunset + 20 minutes, another off at midnight. I didn’t initially use Smartlighting as it can only turn the lights off at sunrise, not a specific time. If it could turn off at a specific time, then only one smartapp would have worked. The lights always go on at the right time, but after a week of working perfectly, they quit turning off at midnight and I would find the lights on when I went out to get the paper in the morning. I changed the off time to 12:05, added a routine to turn the lights off at 12:10 am and smartlighting to turn them off at 12:30 am. It’s worked for two nights in a row. I’ll gradually get rid of the redundancy routines to see what is actually working.

STs is missing out on a lot of business by being so unreliable. Not only can a customer not recommend it to his or her friends, but nobody with an entrepreneurial bent would think of trying to make some extra money by installing STs systems. The constant tweaking and customer complaints would make such a career untenable.

Speaking of routines, did you notice Alexa is piloting routines in Echo app now? It won’t be long before we all switch to Echo to fire the weather and/or news when ‘morning routine’ fires. I cannot wait for Echo routines to be fully operational.

Any update at all? Anyone still having routines run incompletely? I solved mine with tule machine but seems like problem still exists!

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I just had this problem again today. I left home and my “Goodbye” routine ran but didn’t change the mode, turn off any lights, lock my doors, or adjust my thermostat.

My Goodbye never works. All I get is a Notification stating “Performing Goodbye for you because…” but no lights, locks or mode changes actually happen. I have Rule Machine as a backup and it always works. My other routines all work fine.

Since this morning almost all of my routine don’t work anymore. Some get triggered but don’t do what they are supposed to do or they don’t get triggered at all.

I’ll just keep to myself what I think of the whole situation…

Just one more…

GoodBye and I’m Back works, using my phone for the GeoFence, turning on/off the lights and change the ARM.


Good Morning, i use to just turn on the light and determine time, just works the frist day that i add the routine and for Good Night, using to turn off the lights at “x” hour is the same.

Already uninstall / install the app, already delete/make new routines, don’t use to change the mode.

Just adding my name to the list who have this problem so the ST folks can use my data if needed for debugging. I have a custom “Close Garage” routine that is supposed to autorun at 8PM. It’s does on occasion, but is very inconsistent. I hope this is squared soon.