Routines not triggering and/or are partially executing

I have similiar issue. I have one smart power outlet that part of goodnight routine that does not get executed. The other things in the routine does get executed successfully.

I can still command the outlet manually from the app.

I have opened support tickets. I have performed all troubleshooting steps that make sense. I have sparse response on my ticket. It used to work. Please just fix it

Found this post. Just the past week or so, my night timed trigger will show e routine triggered in he log but no lights shut off.
Manual works every time,

I had this problem a while back I think. Right now for certain it fails only when triggered via timer. Manual works every time.

@iharyadi and @rickla - if you have already submitted reports to support@, please DM the ticket numbers and I will investigate. If not, can you fill out this form, indicate the date/time of the failure, and DM the ticket numbers in the autoresponder email.


I believe the ticket is

[SmartThings Support] Support request #239346: Unstable good night routine

The issue also impacting good morning routine.

They used to work perfectly. One day, i do not remember when, it stop

It is not a connection issue. I can manually turn the outlet on and off.
I do not think I experience missing command when I am doing this manually.

All other things in the routine executed just fine.


Anyone else have routines fall off the wagon this morning? My timed 5am and 7am ones simply did not trigger.

I’ve sent an update to my ticket that Aaron tagged for it…

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I am and also SHM issues

My “Good Morning” routine also failed to run today. It was supposed to be executed at sunrise, around 6:26 AM GMT-3. I’ve been seeing a bunch of my scheduled routines (pretty much every other day) failing to execute since the migration to the new scheduler.

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Routines not running and pistons with holes burn in the top.

One says if minimote button 3 pressed turn on MBR fan
If button 4 pressed turn on MBR Lamps

Well they have been working great. Last night I could press any one of the 4 buttons and it would execute all four buttons commands. CoRE issue? NO because the rules work this morning and worked before last night. ST has issues still even if the marketing page says all is well

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Submitted ticket on this issue this morning. My example - the built in Goodbye routine executes partially by setting SHM to away mode, but fails to set thermostat set points.

What is weird is that live logging shows debug entries alluding to the set points being moved (80 if in cool mode, 65 if heat mode), but if I go to the device on the IDE page, the setpoints remain unchanged (in this case, still set to 70).

EDIT: I think this is due to a power outage issue experienced the other day. Not a platform issue.

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I’m having issues as well. I’ve set up fairly simple routines to occur when my wife or I android cross the GeoFence to turn the outside lights on After Sunset. The routine is always triggering however regardless of whether it’s past sunset or not.

Yes, I too am having issues once again just for normal timed events (set for static times throughout the day).

I logged into the IDE today to “update” all of my routines so we will see if that helps as it has in the past.

I just got into this again after a few months being away. I have been trying to get to the bottom of the various things that don’t work right in Smartthings. It seems that in my case it is the sunrise/sunset stuff that does not work. I use sunrise/sunset in goodmorning and goodnight - they don’t execute at all. I use the canned Smart lighting app to turn a switch on/off at sunset/sunrise. This usually works, but I noticed last night at 1:39am it turned off/on twice in the same minute. I use the “No Body Home” Smart App for presence to control modes. The presence detection for Away was/is great, but figuring out which mode on return is based on sunrise/sunset and is marginally ok. I keep asking myself - When do I throw in the towel on Smartthings?

Can you shoot a note over to support - I am not aware of any trending issues and we can help investigate.

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I’m also having routines partially executing for the last week or so since the last update. I sent a note to support, haven’t heard anything back.

Nothing changed on my end, but now Good Night, Good Morning, I’m Back and Goodbye are not executing at all - or more often - partially executing.

Any ideas?

What worked for me in the past was deleting the routine and rebuilding it.

I tried making a new Routine that would accomplish the same thing - but it gets the same results. Runs partially, gives me an error.

Do you think it’s essential that I delete the existing Routine first?

I guess I don’t have much to lose at this point, as I still haven’t heard anything at all back from Support.

you could also move your routine to webcore.

Have you looked at Live Logging in the IDE while the routine executes? Maybe an error is being thrown during the routine preventing it from finishing. Also there are sandbox timers on routines and all other smartapps - a 40 second total time for the app to run and a 20 second total time for any individual function to run. I have definetly seen routines not finishing all the way because of a single cloud device that timed out while attempting to communicate with another platform or when a user has hundreds of devices selected for an individual routine. In that case maybe multiple routines could help your situation. Either way I think it’s worth taking a look - if you do see any errors please post them here (as long as it has no personal information in it - if it does please DM me) and I can take a look.

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Talked to support and tried a few things and figured out the problem last night.

Turns out my Arlo cams being armed via Routines were causing my issues. Took them off of each Routine and they work fine again. I’m hoping that gets straightened out, but for now I’m going to use IFTTT or perhaps Webcore to arm the cams on ST mode.

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I also have a ticket into support as my standard routines are not executing the defined actions. Only thing I can see on my end is that the event log show execution times that are significantly shorter than before, perhaps indicating an error, but I cannot see why, since they only have switches and SHM to turn /on/off at sunrise/sunset.