Routines not sending 'off' commands...but 'on' commands work?

So, recently, several (but not all) of my routines have failed to send through the ‘off’ commands that I have listed, yet all the other commands go through just fine. It’s happening on at least two routines, as far as I can tell. I’ve uninstalled and rebuilt those two routines, but the outcome seems to be the same.

All the switches seem to be working correctly and can be turned on or off within the mobile app. Looking at the activity feed, the routine is firing, and the ‘on’ commands show up, but none of the off commands ever show up in the log.

Anyone have any ideas?

No idea why but I’m having the same problem with my goodnight routine

Having the same issue for more than a week. Routine says, “Turn these lights on, set them to this level and turn these lights off.” The requested lights turn on, but they won’t dim to the requested level and none of the lights will turn off. I have other routines that only turn lights off…works fine. I’ve also tried uninstalling and re-installing…doesn’t work. Finally, I’ve tried installing with different lights…with dimming commands…without dimming commands…only one light on and one light off…nothing works. Sent an email to the black hole support team today.

My issue was the exact opposite. I could see the “On” routine fire, but no command sent to the device. If you have the v2, yank the batteries out (if you have them), and unplug for a minute or two. Then plug it back in. Mine has been working fine since.

I’ve got a v1 hub, so that’s not gonna help. I tried a hub re-boot, but it didn’t help. We’ll see if Support comes back with anything.