Routines Not Executing Actions Error: ST Contact Book Being Depreciated

(Kurt Sanders) #1

I am seeing this error message in ST ‘Live Logging’ for my normal Routines, which have stopped executing the actions within them. Has anyone else seen this same error and have a fix?

The At a Certain Time is a field within ST Routines that allows one to schedule the routine to execute at a certain time: The routine in question is being scheduled properly, but the routine does not execute ANY of the actions. The same routine runs as expected when invoked by WebCore, so I know that the routine is not defined incorrectly.

“At a Certain Time”

ca9c3e54-51b3-49ec-84ed-8f8dd8cd5e36  6:00:01 AM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'translatedMessage' on null object @line 402 (autoExecute)
ca9c3e54-51b3-49ec-84ed-8f8dd8cd5e36  6:00:01 AM: debug HH auto execute Good Morning! At a Certain Time
ca9c3e54-51b3-49ec-84ed-8f8dd8cd5e36  6:00:01 AM: trace daysOk = true
ca9c3e54-51b3-49ec-84ed-8f8dd8cd5e36  6:00:01 AM: trace takeAction()

(Kurt Sanders) #2

Here is the response I finally received from the 3rd ST Customer Service Agent I communicated with. They identified the issue with ROUTINES using the ST Contact Book.

To answer your question, yes, this is a known issue that just recently popped up with the problem lying in Contact Book no longer being supported. We are looking to fix this issue with automations not running completely (as scheduled), but we, unfortunately, don’t have an ETA yet. I have tagged your account to our problem ticket so as soon as there is an update/resolution you will get notified!

We would recommend (in the meantime) removing notifications from the Routines or getting rid of Contact Book altogether and using the normal built-in notification system.

We can remove Contact Book for you but would need your help in having you remove the contacts from any/all SmartApps/automations first and let us know when that is done. You may run into an error removing the last one, however. we can clear that for you - just let us know!

Kind Regards,

SmartThings Support Agent

(Mark) #3

That sucks.

Gonna have to check whether this is affecting a couple of my routines. Pretty sure one of them ran earlier today when I left home and I got a push notification through the contact list.

But you said you’re still able to run the routine with WebCoRE scheduler?

(Kurt Sanders) #4

All my routines were able to be run manually when the routine button was pressed in the mobile client and from a WebCore piston, which I resorted to three days ago when all of my routines from the schedule and events were effectively not performing the actions that were defined within the routine.

I could tell from the ST log, and from Installed SmartApps screen that the ST scheduler was kicking off the routine using the “At Certain Time” function, but then they would basically exit.

SmartThings Technical Support was unaware of the issue. It was only just this afternoon that a 3rd analyst emailed me back with the diagnosis, and the notice that ST is depreciating the contact book that they themselves rolled out in 2015. No notice, just a rip out from what I can tell in their routines. :rage:

If ST routines are running for you, don’t change anything. But I suspect that this “routines not running” problem will affect many of us who are using the centralized ST contact book. What a mess.

(Robin) #5

WebCoRE has a temporary fix applied.

Read this and a few posts up as well.