Routines Not Automatically Executing

My Good Morning, Good Night, and a time based routines stopped working. I recreated them and they only worked once. I do have “once per day” on. I checked the log for “Things Quiet Down”. I see it check my motion sensor, says not enough time has passed, tries again, then just stops.

Ill recreate them again and not use once per day.

Goodbye and Im back still works (location/presence based)

Does anyone else have issues with their routines?

Once per day currently has a bug where it will only run once… ever.

Janis Joplin was right - “Tomorrow never really happens. It’s all the same F’in Day man”

My good morning routine fired at 6:00am this morning, as well as my close blinds last night at 8:00pm.

Should hit up support.

Confirmed. The “Run Once Per Day” was the issue.

I removed “Once per day” and mine are still not firing. Pretty annoying bug. Perhaps @slagle can provide us an update?

Did you try recreating the routines?