Routines by date range?

Is it possible to setup Routines to run between certain date ranges as well as day or the week and/or times?

The use case I’m thinking about is a gas fireplace in our living room. It’s turned on via a dumb wall switch. Would it be possible to replace the dumb switch with a smart one and then schedule a Routine to run M-F at 1800, but only from October 25th to March 15th? Or would it be better/easier to have the Routine tied to the inside and/or outside temperature?


All possible using CoRE which has the flexibility you require.

All you need to know here:

And some useful info from @JDRoberts here:

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Thanks. I figured CoRE could do it, but was hopping the ST App could handle it as well. Not sure if I’m ready to jump into CoRE yet. lol

Have a read and install it. You might not have a use case now but you will do. CoRE is an essential addition. If there’s something you need to do and there’s no SmartApp, and you don’t or can’t code then CoRE will more than likely be able to solve your requirement.

I have my pellet stove on a smart outlet. Goodbye turns off the outlet. No automations to turn it on.

Especially with a gas fireplace it would be far safer to just disable the schedule when the fireplace is not in use. I would NOT trust " The cloud " to ignite a fire in my house. In most areas it is actually against fire code ( the law) to have gas turned on remotely. That is why they come with IR and not RF remotes. You have to be within LOS to turn it on.

Fair points and well noted.

It’s funny how we worry about some things, but others we don’t even think about. Take a gas hot water heater for example. We purposely leak a small amount of gas in a location we purposely put a flame just so we can have hot water. It probably ignites a half doze times a day “remotely” and we never even think about it.

Not me. I have on demand tankless water heaters with electronic ignition. Only time they are lighting is if somebody is home and running the water.

I had those when I lived in Japan… super nice! Got a furnace? lol

Our gas “fire place” is one of those new ones that is pretty much a sealed unit. It’s covered by glass and uses forced air to put off heat. The fire part is pretty much just for looks. It was also installed when the house was built 4 years ago. From my point of view, having it turned on automatically (only when the system is in the Home Mode, so not while we are not at home) introduces very little risk to it causing a fire.

Got 2, 1 has electronic ignition . Other one does still have a pilot, but I shut off the gas line going in every spring, replace the thermocouple every fall before I light it. I keep saying I’m going to upgrade the valve to electronic ignition but end up procrastinating so long that I end up just replacing the thermocouple and lighting the pilot in the fall. . .

Even the electronic ignition is still a risk as you are introducing a flash point… that catches the gas flow on fire remotely. The end result is still the same. Our fireplace works the same way. I"m not trying to say that the hot water heater is unsafe, just that we assign different risk factors to basically the same things in our homes.

If my fireplace did not have the sealed glass and such, there would be no way I would allow it to turn on without a person standing right in front of it.