Routines are slower to execute on devices using edge driver

Hello SmartThings people,

I recently moved all my zigbee lights switches from DTH to Edge Drivers ( thanks to @Mariano_Colmenarejo ) and I have noticed a big slowdown on routines executions.

I have certain switches that when I turn them On/Off, others will sync ( if SW1 is on, then turn on SW2)

Before when running under old DTH was performing faster, now is like a 30 seconds gap between syncing.

Wasn’t supposing that moving to Edge and automations running locally supposed to run faster than over internet? (I even got the Local running icon under automations)

Also, is SmartThings taking in consideration supporting some… simple devices, like a light switch?
Or we should rely on 3rd party persons like Mariano to do SmartThings job?

Because as far I am aware, Edge Drivers provided by SmartThings do not support 2/3 gang switches, which guess what, they are a thing, you know?

I’m an old ST member, since old days of 1st hub, now I own the 3rd gen one (ST version not AeoTec one) and I’m seeing almost on a daily basis why people leave ST for another platforms and starting more and more to regret that ST went this deep on this route.

Also your decision to not make ST Hub an Matter bridge is disappointing news.

Anyhow, that’s all I have to say, just a bunch of complains, like my predecessors over last 3 years.

They do, but maybe not the specific model you have

@Mariano_Colmenarejo has good drivers for multi gang ZigBee and Z-Wave switches.

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It’s good (or rather bad) to hear that I’m not the only one having this problem. Cloud operations were almost immediate. For the automations like “IF I push the button THEN turn on the switch” it takes now a few seconds, and if there are several switches in the automation it delays between them for almost 1 second. However if I force the automation to be in the cloud (e.g. when one of the devices was moved back to DTH) , it’s once again very fast, with hard to feel delay.