Routines and Smartapps not running tonight

Anyone else experiencing this: no automated routines work nor do any smart apps. To give an example of routines not working: my arrival sensor detected my arrival but did not run “I’m back.” An example of smart apps not working: my motion sensor will not trigger my light to come on.

This just started happening sometime tonight.

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Yah… definitely noticed some dropped events that I don’t think I’ve observed before, but the platform is so inconsistent it is hard to note if this is new or just a different symptom.

Like most debugging, if you can narrow it down to a specific a reproducible case, then Tech Support and the Community are much more able to help. I’ll try to keep an eye out for any problem like this that seems to be recurring with any degree of predictability.

Otherwise … well, for example, Live Logging is starting to unpredictably die or drop many lines of potential output over the past few weeks. We’re speculating that this is being done on purpose for Cloud load management. Or it is a bug. Either way, it is eerily similar to dropped triggered events, I think!