Routines and Battery Q

I have a couple of questions I hope you all can help with…

  1. I have a few battery devices and I would like to run a report so I can see the the remaining battery levels, can this be done in the webapp?

  2. I’ve created a number of Routines and a few Pistons to manage the home. I use Alexa to invoke Home and Away modes. Somewhere among my Routines and Pistons Ive created a rule to change the Sonos volume levels of Home and Away modes, but do you think I can find it… No… Is it possible to search Routines for keywords or a way to export them so I could search offline…

Another thought just popped into my head as writing this, can Pistons output to a txt file or console? Maybe I could write a Piston to report the battery levels… Hmm

Your thoughts are appreciated.

Search the forums for Simple Device Viewer.

Once it is set up, it will provide several web pages you can view. Among them is a page with the status of every battery device.

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